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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.

Sales Focus – Social media can heat up your sales

The beauty of social media is it is so fast moving, you can try several campaigns every six days and determine which ones work...

Sales Focus – Sales fitness center

We were at church a few weeks back and the preacher spoke about his Spiritual Fitness Center and the equipment he uses during his...

Sales Focus – Maintain discipline to avoid distractions

According to a recent survey, we waste about two hours a day due to distractions. We waste the equivalent of 20 days, or four...

Sales Focus – Six sales tips for June

Keep prospecting. You’ve heard of the ABCs of selling: Always Be Closing. There’s also ABN: Always Be Networking. And the 3 B’s: Be Bright....

Sales Focus – What’s your superpower?

There are many superpowers we utilize in our personal and professional lives. Some superpowers have traditionally been reserved for the fictional characters on the...

Sales Focus – ‘Family first, then heat up your sales’

What happens when someone in your family gets sick? I mean, really sick… That’s what happened to my 98-year-old Dad right before Christmas. What...

Sales Focus – Avoid buzzwords and heat up your sales

Buzzwords are flying around as frequently as spy balloons. We see them in emails from friends and colleagues. We see them in e-spam and text-spam....

Sales Focus – Manage your time to heat up your sales

Wondering where all the time goes? Well, let’s see if you recognize these potentially problematic activities. How many minutes this week did you spend... ...watching the...

Sales Focus – Sales tips from A to Z

Let’s start 2023 with our 27 sales tips from A to Z! Accountability ~ Measure you results against plan. 3 B’s of selling ~ Be Bright;...

Sales Focus – Baker’s dozen phone tips to heat up your sales

Your attitude will guide as well as determine your results. Be sure it is positive. Approach this high payoff activity with high expectations. ...
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