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Sales Focus – Five time management tips to heat up your sales


Every day, sales pros of all industries wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across their head, and believe they will help their team get good results. But the life of a sales pro can be as chaotic and challenging as it is rewarding. Wouldn’t it be great if we had an extra hour in a day to organize the chaos? Thanks to Sales Kitchen, the worldwide sponsor of Earth’s extra hour on November 5, we are in luck. Unfortunately, the extra hour falls on a weekend day; the workday weekday is the same length as it ever was.

Here are five tips to better manage your time and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Set your priorities. We all have a to-do list. Mine is two pages long. Each page has three columns. Each column has two sections. Section titles include Marketing, Sales, Initiatives, and three organizations I am on the boards of. It is a lot to do, and I know I’m not going to get it all done. Start with what must get done this month then narrow it down to this week. Move those items to the top of the section and just do it. Unless it is a recurring item, like writing a monthly sales article for Positively Naperville, remove it from the list when completed.

Make a plan. Plan to do selling tasks during selling hours. Plan to do non-selling tasks early morning, lunch time, and late afternoon. Focus on the seven high payoff sales activities when setting your plan.

Set SMART goals. The SMART in SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Since we are sales pros, start with the sales section. Examples of SMART goals include: Make 10 phone calls before 10AM. Conduct two sales presentations a day. Obtain two new customers this week.

Take breaks. When the world closes in on me, I take some time to meditate, pray or relax. After dozens of these coping tactics, I’ve found it takes about seven minutes to clear my head of all the noise. It’s the best strategy when I’m pushed beyond my limits. Then, I’m ready to resume the work with fresh energy and a positive attitude. Also, I take a few minutes at sunrise and sunset to enjoy the unusually spectacular autumnal colors this year.

Use the Three B’s in most of your affairs. The three B’s of selling are: Be Bright. Be Brief. Be Gone. When you’re conducting a sales call and obtain the order, stop talking, set a follow up appointment, and leave. Same thing with items on your list. Do not dilly dally. Pick an item, get it done, and move on. Many sales pros have lost their jobs by confusing effort with results.

That wraps up another article. Until next month, utilize these five time management tips to Heat Up Your Sales!

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.