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Tim Ory

Tim Ory is a fifth-generation Naperville native, descended from Francois Sebastien Ory, who immigrated to America from Alsace Lorraine, France, in 1844. Signing off as "Tim Ory, Historian, Euclid Lodge No. 65 Ancient Free & Accepted Masons," Tim adds that he continues to research the History of the Masonic Lodge and Naperville every day. Contact him at tjory@sbcglobal.net.

Town Clerk, Supervisor, Mayor

Thomas Henry Betts was born December 6, 1834, in Rochester, Monroe County, New York, the son of Thomas Betts and Mary Wilson. His family...

Pioneer, Village Trustee, Farmer, and Businessman

George Martin IV was born November 29, 1826, in Edinburgh, Scotland, the son of George Martin III and Elizabeth Christie. George III was engaged in...

Publisher, Editor, Mayor

James Lawrence Nichols II was born December 9, 1890, in Naperville, DuPage County, Illinois. He was the son of James Lawrence Nichols, after whom...

William Wallace Wickel (Another ‘www’ connection)

William Wallace Wickel was born January 22, 1844, in Ephrata, Lancaster County, PA, the youngest child of Johann Henry Wickel and Rebecca Schmincke. He attended...

Dr. Hamilton Cyrus Daniels

Dr. Hamilton Cyrus Daniels was born April 30, 1820, in Canaan, Grafton County, New Hampshire. He was the son of Seth Daniels and Hannah...

Oliver Julian ‘Judd’ Kendall, the ‘Nathan Hale’ of the World War

Oliver Julian Kendall was born in Naperville on Dec. 30, 1888, the son of Francis Austin Kendall and Linnie Mae Strubler. Judd (as friends called...

Freemasonry: A Secret Fraternal Organization?

Some people believe that the Masonic Fraternity, also known as the Freemasons, is a secret organization. Although the Fraternity does have some secrets, the mode...

Barber, tobacconist

Charles Carl Gustave Gottlieb Robert Schulz was born June 26, 1829, in Anklam, Prussia, the oldest of thirteen children of Carl Joachim Schulz and...

Constable, Sheriff, Village President, Lawyer, Judge

Above / Robert Nelson "Ned" Murray (Photo courtesy Tim Ory) Robert Nelson “Ned” Murray was born July 26, 1815, in Argyle, Washington County, New York,...

Merchant, banker, coroner, village trustee

Henry Loomis Peaslee was born August 13, 1810, in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont. He was the second child of Robert Peaslee and Amanda Loomis....
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