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Marilyn Krueger

Marilyn Krueger is an avid local gardener and member of the Naperville Garden Club.

Naperville Gardener – What I did on my summer vacation

Last winter, my son Christian called and asked if I’d ever heard of “The World’s Largest Rose Tree” in Tombstone, Arizona. Thanks to a...

Naperville Gardener – Another of the three Garden Clubs in Naperville

The Naperville Garden Club is the oldest garden club in Naperville. It began as a special interest group within the Naperville Woman’s Club in...

Naperville Gardener – Another of the three garden clubs in Naperville

One of three garden clubs in Naperville, the Naperville Community Gardeners, was formed in 1980 as the Naperville Men’s Garden Club. Its name was...

Naperville Gardener – Naperville boasts three garden clubs

This community is home to three active garden clubs—Naperville Garden Club, Naperville Community Gardeners and Cress Creek Garden Club. If you keep your eyes...

Naperville Gardener – It’s spring and here come the hummingbirds

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is the only hummingbird of 325 hummingbird species that comes to the Midwest. To attract hummingbirds to your gardens, plant native...

Naperville Gardener – Naperville is a great place to… grow old!

We hear so much about how Naperville is a great place to have a baby, raise a family, buy a home, get health care...

Naperville Gardener – No home should be without… a mother-in law!

What I really mean is that wonderful, indestructible houseplant sansevieria, also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue.” This amazing plant is on a list of “The...

Naperville Gardener – Joyful houseplant and then some

A few years ago a garden club friend gave me a few pieces of her burro’s tail (Sedum morganianum) to take home and plant....

Naperville Gardener – It’s January…. Time to make a New Year’s resolution

My resolution is attainable. I am going to have touches of nature throughout my home in a subtle, well-curated manner. We all need nature...

Naperville Gardener – Super Power of the Month… I Can Grow Amaryllis

Often called the art and soul of winter, no home should be without an amaryllis. These bulbs are at our local nurseries, grocery, hardware and...
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