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Friday, September 29, 2023

Dr. Joe Haselhorst, DDS

Doc Joe has been in practice for over 20 years in downtown Naperville. He taught for 17 years at Northwestern Dental School. He can be contacted at (630) 420-0013 or DocJoe@NapervilleDentist.com.

Word of Mouth – Geriatric and special needs dental care

Recently, I completed a comprehensive two-day course with hands-on advanced training in geriatric and special needs dental care. The enlightening course and hands-on training was...

Word of Mouth – Peri-Implantitis – What the heck is it?

I'm always surprised with the topics and questions my patients bring up. It is amazing how much information, including educational videos, is readily available...

Word of Mouth – Brain Cells Found in Teeth

OK, maybe not exactly. You could stretch the conclusions, but research published in the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine suggests that “tooth...

Word of Mouth – Mini New Year or New Year new you or New Year new smile

Several years ago I wrote a New Year New You column encouraging people to take small steps to get that smile they always dreamed...

Word of Mouth – Our New Routine

Our office is planning to resume limited hours for pain, essential dental treatments, perio maintenance and routine care. The limiting factor is whether you feel...

Word of Mouth – Tooth Fairy Tales

Apparently the price of teeth rises faster than a barrel of oil! I remember being thrilled with a quarter—though that was over 40 years ago....

Word of Mouth – Crooked beliefs

Can wisdom teeth make your teeth crooked? The answer is no. It’s a faulty belief not based on scientific fact. I know that’s good...

Word of Mouth – Periodontal disease in children

February is Children’s dental health month, so it is appropriate to shed some light on a topic that most people do not realize exists—periodontal...

Word of Mouth – New Year, New You

Early on in Dentistry, I learned that sometimes you just can’t have it all. Sometimes there are forces beyond your control that prevent you...

Word of Mouth – Dentists vs. Zombies

I’ve never really feared zombies. They seem to walk very slowly, so for now I have an advantage. But a zombie apocalypse apparently is...
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