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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Patti Koltes

Real Life © by Patti Koltes. Contact her at pkoltes@gmail.com.

Real Life – Read the rainbow

Some people are suckers for buying kitchen gadgets, office supplies, or organizing systems. My downfall is books. I get book ideas from listening to National Public...

Real Life – Kenwood forever

Daily I am grateful for the wonderful education I enjoyed. It was not a grind of rote recitations and regurgitations, but an atmosphere that nurtured...

Real Life – Looking for inspiration

It’s a sunny Sunday in February, and I’m doing something unusual: lying on my sofa, watching the thoughts pass through my mind. Thinking is not...

Real Life – Introspection

I’m catching up on my reading these days. As predictably as cookie recipes dominate December magazines, January columns feature suggestions for resets. Budgeting to address...

Real Life – That kind of year

I’ve had a run of homeowner issues lately, but after the monotony and paralysis of the COVID-times, I am not complaining. From chipmunk infestations to...

Real Life – Moonshadow

At four o’clock on a November morning, I padded downstairs in my flannel pajamas to commune with the universe. I made my coat selection for...

Real Life – My Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Pent-up travel demand is not fake news, if this has crossed your mind. And as when anything, from sink drains to emotions, has been...

Real Life – In between

One of my favorite times of year has arrived. While many may mourn the diminishing daylight hours, I try to redirect my focus, and appreciate...

Real Life – Renewed

When I read the March 2022 World Health Organization news release that based on their scientific study, in the first year of the COVID-19...

Real Life – Caught in the web

Like many people enduring pandemic restrictions, I developed a habit of unwinding in front of Netflix. This has continued even with the relative freedom...
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