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Sales Focus – 24 ways to heat up your sales in 2024


2023 ended over a month ago. Now what are you going to do? Start working on these 24 activities and your 2024 could be the best year ever.

First, finalize your 2024 plan. Set quarterly, written SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound), and schedule accountability meetings where you will measure actual against plan. If you measure it, you can manage it. Try making Goals instead of Resolutions: Remember what your 2023 resolutions were? Nobody remembers. If you must, resolve to set some challenging 2024 sales goals: Six new customers by the end of March. Or, first-half revenue 125% of last year.

Then, pick up the phone. Remember all those phone calls last year when your future customers said to call back after the holidays? It is officially after the holidays. Pick up the phone and remind them you are following up as they requested and are ready to discuss next steps.

Utilize a planner and manage your time better. Focus on these high payoff activities: prospecting, networking, scheduling appointments, be prepared, conduct face to face meetings, handle objections and those pesky stalls, and always be closing.

Master the Trial Question Close Technique. Trial closing tells you where you are in the sales process and when to ask for the sale. The trial close asks for an opinion not a decision. Trial closing is used to test the prospect to see if they are ready to purchase.

Get organized. Deal with your desk. Don’t stack it; toss it or file it.

Make it a habit to be positive; enthusiasm is contagious. Is there much point in doing it if you aren’t doing it with passion? If you are anything less than positive or enthusiastic when you wake up, go back to sleep. Nobody wants to be around you. “It’s too hot. It’s too cold. They don’t call back. My car is old.” Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Set your objectives, hustle, and give your professional best. If you think you won’t get the sale, you won’t.

Use humor… “…I used spot remover on my dog… now he’s gone.”

Avoid distractions: ask yourself, “Self? Is what I am doing right now the best use of my time?

Reduce stress… get enough sleep, keep your mind active, spend time on a hobby and stay hydrated.

Measure your success. Don’t wait until June to have your first accountability meeting; measure your progress every month. At a minimum, have quarterly reviews.

Lastly, stay disciplined and avoid distractions like social media or shoveling the driveway.

Utilize these activities in 2024 and Heat Up Your Sales.

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.


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