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Thursday, June 1, 2023

P. Araya

Pablo Araya grew up in Naperville and enjoys writing about his experiences in the Navy, the FBI and growing up in the best town around. Contact Pablo at boblow9913@gmail.com.

Memorial Day Remembrance

Joseph S. Pfleghaar, Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator, Petty Officer 2nd Class, (AW2) US Navy, was barely 20 years old when he reported aboard HS-12...

My AI (Artificial Intelligence) Muse

Unbelievable. Here I sit, sixty days since my last inspired column, and I still have Writer’s Block! What the Heck! Who, in the Ether,...

Channeling Andy

Writer’s block. I had it bad a few days ago. So bad in fact, I went to a local séance for some inspiration; perhaps...

The adventure continues

Last month I wrote about my youngest daughter’s “Big Adventure.” I received a lot of positive feedback, and heard from readers about their own...

Sophie’s big adventure begins

In February 2020, my youngest daughter, Sophie, landed in Madrid to begin her big post college adventure—teaching English abroad. She had no real plans...

Rescue at sea on the night before Christmas

The moon was so big, bright and full, we didn’t even need our flashlights to read the takeoff checklist. The sea was calm and...

Away for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1985 was my first Thanksgiving spent away from family. I had recently completed my last phase of flight training at NAS North Island,...

The Tali-Bar

With Oktoberfest celebrations taking place around every corner, and each bar promoting their own version of a unique “drinking experience,” I can’t help but...

9/11 Memories

Above / Commemorating Naperville native Naval Commander Dan Shanower who died in the attack on the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, the granite marker is among the...

Start training for the VFW Judd-A-Thon

It was the final steps of the workout that seemed to literally crush my soul. It was early June, and I knew I would...
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