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Sales Focus – Monthly sales themes will heat up your sales


Create a monthly sales theme utilizing one or more of the monthly holidays found at www.checkiday.com. Here are over two dozen Q4 Monthly Holidays to choose from, along with some action items, to ensure you finish the year strong.


Apple Month: gift an apple pie from Costco to your top 10 clients.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Wear pink colors in support.

Chili Month: treat your top three customers to a chili-for-all lunch.

Crime Prevention Month: donate a baker’s dozen donuts to the police.

Cryptocurrency Month: did you know one bitcoin was worth $26,234.50, in September.

Dental Hygiene Month: no pink in the sink.

Dessert Month: gift your customer’s assistant a chocolate cake from Portillo’s.

Dyslexia Awareness Month: there’s a dyslexia workshop on the seventh, nineth and eighth…

Fall Car Care Month: a Free Car Care Safety Clinic for seniors 50+ occurs October 14, from 8am to noon, at the Lisle Township Road District.

Fire Prevention Month: we googled ‘lighters’ and got 387,674 matches.

Go On a Field Trip Month: bring future clients on a field trip to your headquarter offices.

Halloween is on a Tuesday: wear your favorite costume, visit as many customers as possible, and pass out candy.

Pastor Appreciation Month: invite your Pastor for dinner.

Pet Wellness Month: bring your pet on your sales calls.

Physical Therapy Month: hug a physical therapist.

Pickled Peppers Month: how many in a peck? And who the heck is Peter?

Pork Month: “Pork On Every Fork!” (Actual Pork Council Billboard)

Positive Attitude Month: this should be every month. Remember, if you are anything less than positive or enthusiastic when you wake up, go back to bed.


Aviation History Month: treat a customer or two to a helicopter tour of Chicago.

Family Caregivers Month: if your customers are caregivers, tell them about adult day programs.

Gratitude Month: thank you for reading this far!

Hip-Hop History Month: gift your top customers concert tickets.

Long-Term Care Awareness Month: think about getting LTC insurance; wish we had some.

Thanksgiving is November 23. Why is the turkey in a tuxedo? He’s going to the Butter Ball!

Veterans and Military Families Month: thank you and your family for your service!


Awareness Month of Awareness Months Month: “Aware you are.” ~ Yoda.

Bingo’s Birthday Month: offer to call BINGO at your customer’s office and provide scratch off lottery tickets for prizes.

Honor Your Pharmacist Month: we got some expensive laxatives last month, and definitely got a run for our money!

Tie Month: wear a different funny tie every day.

Watermelon Month: gift your top 15 customers a nice juicy watermelon.

Incorporate monthly sales themes into your selling process and Heat Up Your Sales!

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Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper is Certified Sales Coach at Sales Kitchen and Board Member at RideAssistNaperville.org. Contact him at Mike@SalesKitchen.com.