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For some reason, when we’ve written how to contact us, folks seem to reject our ways of doing things. Since we are a truly small independent family business (trying to promote kindness, fun times and good things happening in our city and just beyond that are supported by other local businesses), it occurred that perhaps in these ever-changing times, telling event planners and PR reps what not to do just might be more efficient and better serve of us all.

So here we go with two things not to do…

1. Since PN is hyperlocal, please don’t hassle us with stories way beyond our borders in faraway counties, other states and other countries. (We regret that at least one reader thought the use of “hassle” was unprofessional. We truly appreciate readers with a sense of humor.)  PN is a preview of local upcoming events. Because of space and time constraints, we are not necessarily able to review and/or “cover” local events. You could say that since we are “absolutely” Positively Naperville, setting our boundaries with our two public school districts that reach just beyond our borders to Bolingbrook, Lisle and Plainfield is what we preview.

2. Please do not send Positively Naperville email blasts with unsolicited press releases of more than 500 words. We probably won’t have time to read them. Thank you very much.

Click right here to read how PN editors prefer to receive press releases.

All that said, we really do appreciate the plethora of “perfect” emails accompanied by high res representative photos that we receive every day, news that helps us know what’s happening here so we can connect readers. 

The deadline to be considered for our monthly printed pages is the 15th of the month prior to publication at the first of every month.

Thanks for your interest in Positively Naperville where we aim to present briefs and photos that preview upcoming events, the good things that make a difference here every day.

Advertising always is welcome and PN, more than likely, has ad rates that will fit your budget. Advertising helps pay for buckets of ink, newsprint, postage, delivery costs and all the other mounting expenses that come with trying to keep a business up and running in this community.

We appreciate our advertisers, our contributors and our readers!

If you need to reach us by phone, we pick up whenever possible. (630) 369-8447.

Thank you.