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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Nancy Wiersum

Nancy Wiersum is Vice President of Advancement at Loaves & Fishes Community Services and can be contacted at nwiersum@loaves-fishes.org. Visit www.loaves-fishes.org for more information.

Loaves & Fishes: Small Kids – Big Hearts

Children are so fascinating. Watching as they think, hearing what they say, and observing how they play can teach us so much. But when...

Loaves & Fishes: Together, we can fill the food gap

In the last year, Loaves & Fishes has seen a marked and rapid increase in the number of people needing help. This is primarily...

Loaves & Fishes: Bev’s and Allegory step up to the plate for families in need

There will be a fierce but friendly battle at Loaves & Fishes when Bev’s and Allegory restaurants compete at Chef Showdown on April 19. The...

Loaves & Fishes: Doing something about it

A few years ago, while visiting the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, I purchased a blue tote bag with the...

Loaves and Fishes: And… Action!

The recent and rapid rise in the number of people needing help from Loaves & Fishes has been significant. Many of our clients are...

Loaves & Fishes: Block by popular demand!

Last year we invited people to purchase figurative Building Blocks to support our new Food Distribution Hub in Aurora. It is very inspiring to...

Loaves & Fishes: Next Generation Generosity

As we look to the future, we are so encouraged by the involvement of the youngest generation in our vital mission. This year we...

Are You a Face of Compassion?

Above / The Faces of Compassion Wall, now in progress, will become an expansive work of art inside the soon-to-open food processing hub for...

Loaves & Fishes: ‘Building for Lasting Impact’

After several years of planning, all of us at Loaves & Fishes are excited to introduce our new initiative “Building for Lasting Impact.” The...

Loaves & Fishes: New Traditions

The holidays are definitely going to be different this year. Person after person has mentioned not being able to get together with loved ones....
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