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Greetings to PN / November 2014 / Volume 14 #3


Most recent greeting is posted at top of this page as it’s updated  throughout the month. Occasionally, Greetings to PN also are linked to other online PN stories. Many of these greetings, edited for space for the printed paper, will appear in the next issue of PN.

Thank you for keeping greetings as brief as possible. And thanks for sending your thoughts about this community with your signature. We welcome them!

To PN:  One of the best things about having the privilege of being one of your columnists is that the deadline makes me think about why I love living here each month and it’s very easy to find a new reason every month! Your paper is a constant reminder of all the good we have in a world where it sometimes seems it’s just full of bad.  Thanks for you and Positively Naperville!  —Marilyn Krueger, Naperville Garden Club

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To PN, the Community and Naperville Municipal Band: Congratulations to all!  I have had a number of e-mails, phone calls and people from the VFW and American Legion along with some who were in the audience as regulars (For Annual Fall Concert). All were totally impressed with the musicianship and the selection of music!  Lets keep the commitment going and playing on the Christmas concert and the Winter Concert with Waubonsie!!!!  Peter Kolkay was amazing and we will have him  back soon!  I also have received several compliments on the concert!  Good job! —Ron Keller, Director of the Naperville Municipal Band

To PN via Diana Brandt, Manager, Naperville Municipal Band: Thank you for the invitation to serve as a guest conductor with your band on the November 9 concert. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed my time visiting your wonderful community and working with your fine band. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and was honored to share the podium with your outstanding conductors. And it was such a treat to hear Peter perform the bassoon solos! What a testament to the outstanding music education in your community to produce a world renowned soloist such as Peter. I can only imagine the pride that you all must have; especially his former band teachers.

As I shared with the audience at the concert, you have a real treasure in The Naperville Municipal Band! Your history alone would separate you from most community bands; how many other groups can boast of a 150+ year history? I am also very impressed with the community support your band enjoys and how much an integral part of Naperville that your band is. The dedication, musicianship, and long tenure of your current band members are also a key to your success. You are, in my opinion, a true COMMUNITY band.

I would also suggest that one of the overriding reasons that your community is so enthusiastic about your concerts is the brilliant programming and concert formatting. From studying your history, I see that through the years your presentations have been suited to community expectations and that as times change, your band has changed to fit their needs while still providing quality band music. That is why you are still in business attracting large audiences while many other bands fizzle out. I also suspect that your audience loves Ann Lord with her insightful commentary as well as watching your superb conductors Ron Keller and René Rosas in action.….and a surprise visit by John Philip Sousa doesn’t hurt!

After getting to know you, I am even more excited about your visit to Texas and to the TBA Convention/Clinic this summer. I look forward to working with you throughout this project. Best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday season!

—Michael Brashear, Executive Director, Texas Bandmasters Association

The Healing Field, a tribute to all veterans and their families featuring 1,000 American flags, is set at Metea Valley High School until Nov. 11. A Veterans Day concert is slated to begin at noon.

To PN & Community: The Metea Valley Marching Mustangs are co-presenting a special concert at 12 pm on Tuesday, November 11 in the Metea Valley High School auditorium. This free concert is open to the public. The Marching Mustangs are joining forces with the Pete Ellman Big Band and the Legacy Girls to pay tribute to veterans. The Pete Ellman Band will play WWII era big band hits and will feature some of District 204’s music faculty. The Legacy Girls will sing some of the Andrews Sisters hit songs, and the Marching Mustangs will conclude the concert with music from their recent season. —240 e-News, the Official email newsletter for Indian Prairie School District 204

TO PN FACEBOOK:  I lived in Naperville for 35 years before retiring. I love this site, fun memories & insight into what is happening in the place I called home. —Rita Yingling

TO PN:  Thank you for both attending the meeting of Naperville Woman’s Club Wednesday and particularly, thank you for your postings about us in “Positively Naperville.” I would like your permission to use the photos you took on our website. They  were clear, and captured the day! —Donna Shaw, VP Communications/Public Relations

A plaque in the Old Stone Church serves to honor 11 former members of the Naperville Womans Club who served in the U.S. military.

TO PN & Other Media Outlets:  “I thank Governor Quinn for his many years of service to Illinois and appreciate his commitment to making this a smooth transition. I look forward to getting to work to make Illinois the most compassionate and competitive state in the nation.” —Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner

TO PN & Friends: These past few months have been a long journey. I believe in self-less service and I am proud that we ran a good positive campaign (For State Representative 84th District). In this journey I have come to count many of you as friends and new relationships that will continue. I would like to thank my family, my team, my friends, campaign contributors who helped fund this campaign, citizens who trusted to vote for me, community leaders who endorsed their faith in me and everyone else who has helped me with this campaign. I also would like congratulate Stephanie Kifowit for her re-election and hope she will work in the interest of our economy, education and jobs.

I reiterate my commitment to the community. I shall continue to do my best and wish all of you to achieve the best life has to offer. —Krishna Bansal

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PN Editor
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