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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Greetings from PN readers in Arizona


Above / Marilyn Krueger and her grandchildren were caught reading the April issue of PN in Arizona.

Positively Naperville publisher, editors and contributing columnists have been busy trying to pull together the May issue.

Thanks for the inquiries from folks wondering where we are!

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We appreciate the greeting and the photo of PN readers that just arrived with the message, “Catching up on the news!”

My goodness, how Marilyn Krueger’s grandchildren have grown! Look for Marilyn’s gardening column featuring what she’s learned recently at The Growing Place. She also provides notes about “Continuous Bloom, a Month-By-Month Guide to Nonstop Color in the Perennial Garden” by Pam Duthie. Her thoughts certainly complement this springtime of beauty we’re experiencing in Naperville.

The May issue will be out and about beginning Wed., April 28.

We’re pleased to note groups again are planning many outdoor events for the good old summertime. We’re holding off on listing happenings in the late summer. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, play it safely. Enjoy the fresh air in the great outdoors. Wash your hands regularly and follow local protocols. Just don’t wash away your commonsense.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for shopping, dining, banking and entertaining locally whenever possible. Thanks also to all our advertising sponsors who help make PN possible!

—Stephanie Penick, Publisher

Note! Visit PN’s recently revised “Events” section. Just in time for spring and summer, event planners can add upcoming events. Simply follow instructions and prompts. Add events and images as you please.  Be mindful of a delay in posts going “live.” Thank you!

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PN Editor
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