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Naperville resident shares story of gratitude and love for her hometown


Above / In late December, the Naperville Post Office, located at 5 S. Washington Street, attracted two unnamed “angels” to assist a woman locked out of her car. 

Updated, Feb. 3, 2021 / On Fri., Jan. 22, after a little detective work and community outreach, PN arranged a photo session to reunite Emily Hsu and her two “good Samaritans,” Veronica Perez and Jennalyn Jessen, for a story that appears on page 3 in the February issue of the print edition.

Emily Hsu invited Veronica Perez to lunch at the scene of her assistance. Perez works as a technician in the Radiology Department of Edward Hospital. Perez noted Edward officials had wondered if anyone had been a “good Samaritan” as they tried to find her so Emily good show her appreciation. Edward also plans to tell the story on their blog, Veronica added.
Jennalyn Jessen, Community Service Officer, Patrol Section, for the Naperville Police Department, recently was reunited with EMILY HSU in the parking lot by the USPS Office and Naperville Bank and Trust. When Hsu expressed gratitude for unlocking her van, Jessen said, “I was just doing my job!”

Original Post, Jan. 12. 2021 / Early Mon., Jan. 11, 2021, PN received a phone call from Emily Hsu who identified herself as a “very grateful 77-year-old Naperville resident.” She went on to describe her appreciation for the help she’d received during the holidays at the Naperville Post Office in downtown. “Because of the privacy,” Emily said she hadn’t asked for the names of the two women who came to her aid. She considered her tribute to “two saviors” to be a Valentine’s Day story that she hoped we’d publish.

Emily’s uplifting words of gratitude that she titled “My Two Saviors in Naperville,” along with her expressions of love for her hometown, are just what we needed to begin the week. We simply requested that she email us a photo. Tuesday she did. Thanks, Emily!

My Two Saviors in Naperville

Emily Hsu (2020 Photo)

This past Christmas season, I was rescued from a devastating situation, thanks to two selfless individuals.

I had gone to downtown Naperville on a cold late afternoon to deliver a package at the post office. It was close to closing time, so I hurried inside when I arrived. However, while I was waiting in line, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my purse with me. I ran back outside to retrieve it, only to be met with a horrifying discovery: I had accidentally locked my purse and all my belongings in my car.

I was in desperate need of help. With my keys, phone, and wallet locked in the car, I had no way of getting home. After taking a moment to calm myself, I went back inside the post office and looked around to see if there would be anyone willing to help me. During my search I noticed a lady with a cell phone waiting in line. She seemed the most approachable, so I went up to her, explained the situation, and asked if she would let me borrow her phone. Thankfully she was happy to lend it to me, so I quickly placed a call. Unfortunately, the person I tried calling wasn’t available. But the lady was kind enough to offer me help after she took care of her mail.

Once she was finished, she came out and asked if I had a spare key that I could use. I didn’t have one, so she told me that the best way to get into my car would be with the police assistance. She helped me make the call, and after giving the police the necessary information we were asked for a phone number for further contact. My phone was stuck in the car, so I couldn’t give my own number, but the lady graciously gave hers instead and agreed to stay with me until help arrived.

At this point, it was dark, and the weather got colder, (about 32F), and windier. The post office was closed, so we took shelter in her car instead. While we were waiting for help to arrive, she told me a little about herself. She had just gotten off from work at the Radiology Department of Edward Hospital and had stopped by the post office to mail her license renewal documents  She also still needed to pick up her son from his job before her going home. I knew she needed to make supper too. After learning how packed her schedule was, I was immensely grateful for the great sacrifice she was making by offering me help when her own time was so limited. 

After a while, a lady police arrived, so my first savior bid me goodbye. I was left in the care of the officer, who immediately got to work opening my door. Even though it was very cold, she worked with her bare hands while using her tools, which amazed me. She needed to use her bare hands to feel her tools while manipulating to unlock without damaging the lock and the door. She was extremely cautious. It took quite a while with a great deal of effort, but eventually her work paid off and she unlocked my car without damaging anything. Because of her, I was able to get back home safely.

I am eternally grateful for the kindness and patience that the two women showed me that day. The two of them were angels sent to save me in my time of need, and I regret not learning their names so I could know who my saviors are.

They are a shining example of why I love living in Naperville, and it is my hope that their good deeds don’t go unrecognized.

—Emily Hsu



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