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Greetings to PN – March 2018 / Volume 17 No. 7


Above / Cross the Riverwalk footbridge any day in March and you’ll begin seeing signs of spring all along the natural treasure in the heart of downtown Naperville. Enjoy the community’s pride and joy every season.

PN Readers respond to column dedicated to ‘Senior Voices’

To PN: Edward Hospital responded to my hospital report. They took my picture and took a report. Guess they will use it in some of their publications.  Thanks to you!

People tell me they read my column and enjoy it.  One lady said my report on an expired driver’s license prompted her to go and inspect hers.

—Bev Patterson Frier, PN Columnist

Editor’s Note: Click here to find a collection of “Senior Voices,” filled with Hoosier humor  from the heart of Naperville.

Shining purple across North America, #Leak Weak 2018 runs March 4-10, 2018

To PN: It is Leak Awareness week across North America. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for Colleen Tyrrell Llacsa and her family. Currently, there is no cure for Colleen but palliative care medicine is helping her to maintain a quality of life these past few weeks. It has been a blessing to see her up and about.

We will never give up hope for a cure for Colleen and others who suffer from this debilitating illness. The Tyrrell Family Foundation was started to continue to raise awareness and support efforts for education and research in the medical field. We started this blog for you to keep up with Colleen’s story and our efforts.  

—Katie Tyrrell Weimann
Editor’s Note: #Leak Weak 2018 aims to heighten awareness for Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) Leak research.

Volunteers at Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry were caught reading PN

Good morning!

We had some extra time before distribution last night so we thought we’d check out the latest March edition of PN! Happy Friday!

—Michelle Iskowitz

Associate Director of Marketing & Communications, Loaves and Fishes Community Services (Photographer, too!)

Editor’s Note: It’s likely volunteers at Loaves & Fishes were reading about the famously fun 63rd annual Evening Kiwanis Pancake Festival on March 17 or the inaurgural Naperville Chef Showdown slated for April 11!

St. Patrick’s Parade will step off at 10AM Sat., March 10

To PN: Great article on Chuck Corrigan and the West Suburban Irish. See you at the parade!

—Dick Galitz

That’s a lot of Rotarians reading Positively Naperville.

—Gil Puffer

Editor’s Note: Members and guests of the Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown celebrated the club’s first 11 years during their annual Paul Harris Fellow & Rotary Foundation Dinner at Hugo’s Frog Pond on Feb. 28. After dinner, some members were caught reading PN, chock full of stories highlighting the Rotary Sunrise St. Paddy’s Day 5K and the West Suburban Irish St. Patrick’s Parade on Sat., March 10, 2018. Cheers!

Former resident appreciates Ride Assist Naperville a.k.a RAN

I no longer live in the Naperville area, but as my mother ages (95) and becomes more physically needy, I am so appreciative of this great idea! I love the spirit of giving that is evidenced by the amount of volunteering needed to see this program succeed. Kudos to all of you!

—Marjie Beren

Evening Kiwanis are set for 63rd Annual Pancake Fesitival at NCHS

Thanks so much for publicity about Pancake Festival (7AM to Noon, Sat., March 17)! What a great photo Michelle arranged! I’m using your great ideas about St. Pat’s Day mentions. Thanks!

Top o’the morning to you!

—Diane Ernst, Naperville Evening Kiwanis

PN Briefs attract attention for Family Shelter Service

To PN: Thanks a million for including our Housewares pick-up info (in PN March Briefs 2018 print edition)!  We get so many items that the volunteers can’t always pack it all before closing. The more volunteers, the more we can pack!

Thank you so much for making a sunny day even sunnier for Family Shelter Service!

—Maureen McGuire, Family Shelter Service

March 2018 started with four glorious days of sunshine, creating glistening views at May Watts Park where visitors can enjoy the great outdoors while counting the days until spring begins on March 20. (PN Photo March 4, 2018)

Thanks for reading!

Post Updated, March 7, 2018

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