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Greetings to PN – June 2018 – Volume 17, No. 10


Above / Stroll the Naperville Riverwalk with peaceful reflection any day to find “What We Need.”

To PN:  (What’s Next for the Naperville Riverwalk? Story) / Have been wanting to contact you since reading the “What’s next for the Naperville Riverwalk?”

I was not familiar with the Netzley message in granite. I loved reading the words, “What We Need.” Couldn’t be better stated! Where is it located? 
—John Harvard

Editor’s Note: “What We Need” is located on the north side of the Riverwalk across from the apartment complex, just steps beyond what used to be the Netzley House, now a visitor’s center for Moser Tower and the Millennium Carillon. Follow the brick path past the footbridge over the DuPage River that leads to Centennial Park. 

Among the many attractive features architect Chuck George included in the design of the Riverwalk was the Dandelion Fountain, a popular gathering place at Jackson and Webster streets.

To PN:  (What’s Next for the Naperville Riverwalk? Story) / 37 years…kind of hard to believe. Beautiful article, Stef… Thank you for continuing to push our “crown jewel” so articulately.

I can’t forget one of Wilfred’s employees, Bob (can’t remember his last name) talking to me after reviewing our first presentation to the city council. He said, “It’s a great idea, but it will never happen.”

Keep on giving your fantastic support to this great concept.

Best wishes…

—Chuck George

Editor’s Note: Chuck George is professionally known as the founder of Charles Vincent George Design Group. George was the original architect who designed the Riverwalk as the City’s sesquicentennial gift.

To PN Columnist Sue Jelinek / Thank you for sharing the post in regards to the military…My father who will be 90 is a Korean War Veterans. And it brings me joy when my father wears his Korean cap that folks do care …they stop and say: “THANK YOU, SIR, FOR YOUR SERVICE.”

In regards to the Vietnam War: Lets not forget the ages of these young boys that served in the Vietnam War. Many were barely out of High School, and many did not have the opportunity to even had the joy of starting a family, as they never returned home.

God Bless ALL our service men & women who have given and or put their lives on hold to make our lives and better place.

—Ginamarie Woldman

To PN: WASHINGTON, June 27, 2018 – From the Office of the Governor / The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled in favor of Illinois state employee Mark Janus in his case contesting compulsory union fees for non-union government workers. The ruling in the case (Janus v. AFSCME), which was initiated by Gov. Rauner in 2015 and carried forward by Janus, the Liberty Justice Center and its co-counsel, means that unions can no longer collect so-called “fair share” fees from public sector employees who decline membership in a union.

To PN: WASHINGTON, DC – Today (June 27, 2018), Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) issued the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Janus v. AFSCME:

“I am deeply concerned that this decision will weaken our strong labor unions that have historically given our workers a safer work environment, fair wages, and collective bargaining rights against unfair working conditions. They hold a special place in our country’s history. This decision overturns decades of legal precedent that allowed unions to collect fair share fees for the services they are legally required to provide their workers. Our country was built on the hard work that so many Americans invested in our factories and offices. I’ll continue to fight for labor unions so we can build a strong middle class and make sure that workers have the collective bargaining rights they deserve.”

To PN: Statement from Kate Walsh, President, National Council on Teacher Quality, on Janus vs. AFSCME 

“Today’s decision to end unions’ ability to collect ‘agency fees’ from nonconsenting employees puts the onus squarely on teachers union leaders to demonstrate relevance and value to today’s teachers. Union leaders should use this decision as an opportunity to revisit the reforms they’ve long resisted. It is a time to step back and look at where the teaching profession is today and where it needs to go instead of how things worked in the past. This is a powerful opportunity for union leaders to hit the reset button and show their members and the public that the number one priority is putting effective teachers in the best position to provide students with a quality education. 
“Union leaders in this sector have too often confused their protection and advocacy forsome members with their obligation to the profession at large. The two are not the same and are often at cross purposes. Therefore, in many ways this decision represents an opportunity for union leaders to critically assess past decisions, putting first the broader interests of the profession and our education system.
“While this decision will require unions to obtain affirmative consent from teachers prior to collecting funds, in our view it does not hearken the demise of teachers unions. Despite the financial implications of this decision, collective bargaining will continue for the foreseeable future to play an important role in shaping teacher policies. We encourage union leaders to use this moment to breathe new life into the teaching profession, which will ensure that teachers will be even more engaged in the future.”

To PN ‘Transitions’ Columnist Barbara Blomquist / I very much enjoyed the write-up about my Uncle Don O’Reilly. He and all the Veterans certainly deserve our prayers and our undying gratitude.

—Sr. Patricia Norton

To PN ‘Real Estate Logic’ Columnist Gary Leavenworth / Tips given in this article are really helpful to get a suitable realtor. It is really necessary to hire a knowledgeable realtor to make a successful deal. One could use internet to find such an experienced realtor. We could do a lot of research on the internet and could find out the best realtor of a particular locality. However, we could also ask our friends, family members, co-workers to get their referrals and hire the best realtor. Taking such referrals to hire real estate professionals could be the most effective way to hire a real estate professional.

—Anna Perez

To PN: Naperville Municipal Band “Salute to America,” June 28 / Thank you so much for all of the great pictures that you take at our concerts!! We appreciate them so much!! I always share them on our Facebook page.  Would you please make a correction though? The reenactors with the cannons are Civil War reenactors, not Revolutionary War. Thanks!

—Cathy Steinbach , Naperville Municipal Band

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the catch, Cathy! Will do.

Editor’s Update: Link to Photo Gallery from 2018 Salute to America Independence Day Concert


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