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Thanks to all who read Positively Naperville, here, there and all over the world!


Above / On a road trip to Colorado, Linda Woodring and Jim Woodring said they kept up with Positively Naperville while attending the recent Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show in Colorado Springs. Sebastian Hedgehog won a ribbon in the conformation judging. 

Next up, Jim Woodring, current President of Naperville Noon Lions Club is gearing up for the Naperville Noon Lions Club 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22, 2018. 

Positively Naperville is hyper local and organically growing. We just love it when folks pack a copy of the paper so folks can catch them reading during their travels to places such as Colorado, Transylvania, Greece, Germany & Indiana—even Quigley’s Irish Pub.

Thanks for reading PN here, there and everywhere. And thanks for letting the youngsters in your life know it’s for pleasure.

TO PN: Happy Halloween from Bran Village, Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania, Romania. 

—Patti Powers, P.S. Travel

TO PN: Usually I just do a cursory read of PN.

Today I was waiting at home waiting for Comcast. No TV. No internet. And no technology disruptions, so I had time to really read PN.

This paper is needed in the community and I hope people really appreciate the positive nature.         

—Les Hunzinger, Hunzinger & Co., CPAs

PN PHOTO: Just a fun photo of listening to running commentary by Don Crookston in Muncie, Indiana, as he reads his monthly copy of Positively Naperville.

TO PN: I just had a chance to pick up your November issue of Positively Naperville. You interspersed so many wonderful, meaningful quotes and articles. “A lie can travel half way …,” “There are only two ways to live your life …”, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics …”, and two wonderful tributes to Mayor Pradel (the Wehrli resolution and the “Officer Friendly in the Autumn Sunset” photo. You are so POSITIVE and thoughtful, subtle yet thought-provoking. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
—Jini Clare

TO PN: We just returned from a once in a lifetime awesome trip to the Greek Islands… We traveled with our travel agents, Angela and Richard Turen and their daughter.

Here we are in Athens in front of the site of the first modern Olympics in 1896.  We also visited the ruins where the first Olympic games began in 776 B.C.

—Mary Ann Junkroski

TO PN:  Reading Positively Naperville on the Rhine River near Cologne, Germany, Oct. 2018.

—Steve and Marcy and WSI Trivia Night Team EDAQ

TO PN: Naperville: A Brief History could not have been written without your help!  As a contributor of content, images, or as a proofreader, your help was instrumental in the publication of the first concise history of Naperville since 1975. … The book signing is at Anderson’s Bookshop (beginning at 7PM) on Wednesday, November 14.

—Bryan Ogg

PN PHOTO: During a book talk about his latest work, House by the Cemetery, to the Rotary Club of Naperville/Downtown at their weekly meeting at Hugo’s Frog Bar, award-winning writer John Everson took a few moments to read a page in the latest issue of Positively Naperville.

TO PN: I am embarrassed to tell you that I packed a copy of the October 2018 issue of Positively Naperville so that I could have an image taken with Nitra Mayor Jozef Dvonc on October 26 to send to you.  It was with me on the way to the Nitra City Hall.  

Then, distracted by seeing two old friends walking toward our cab as we arrived at city hall, I left the cab without my camera (!) and my purse.  I think that this contributed to me not having that image taken, but I do take full responsibility for not having satisfied my intent, especially since you extended a last minute courtesy to include an image and text from the September 27 visit of Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic, at Benedictine University in that October issue.

I did have the page from the October issue on which this image was presented in the packet and letter that I gave to Nitra Mayor Jozef Dvonc on October 26 and I did point it out to him.  Mayor Chirico wrote a letter to Mayor Dvonc that I personally delivered in that packet.  

Regional and municipal elections take place tomorrow in Slovakia.  Mayor Dvonc is seeking another term.

Mayor Dvonc, and others with whom we met in Slovakia, acknowledged that they had seen press coverage, on TV and in print, about President Kiska’s visit to Chicago and to Benedictine.  Since he came directly to Chicago from the UN conference in NYC on a presidential plane, the press corps who accompanied him were also there.  We had excellent coverage there, I’m told.

Attached is an image from October 26.  Nitra Deputy Mayor Jan Vanco, our main supporter of the Sister Cities initiative in Nitra, invited the new U.S. Ambassador to the Slovak Republic to Nitra to celebrate with us, and he did, thus Adam Sterling is shown in the attachment.

Jozef Dvonc, Nitra Mayor (Primator);  Rosemary Macko Wisnosky, Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Chicago and Naperville/Nitra Sister Cities selection committee;  Dennis E. Wisnosky and Adam Sterling, U.S. Ambassador to the Slovak Republic.  Ambassador Sterling’s presence was a wonderful surprise to me.  He was already there when Dennis and I arrived at the Nitra city hall.

I thought that you might enjoy a part of our journey! Thanks for all that you do for our community.

—Rosemary Macko Wisnosky, BS Ed, MS Ed
Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Chicago

PN PHOTO / Local matters to folks at Quigley’s Irish Pub who are agog at page 3 in the November 2018 issue of Positively Naperville. That’s where they read about the 20th Anniversary Celebration slated for the independently-owned family business all day on Sat., Nov. 17, in the Jefferson Hill Shops, located at 43 E. Jefferson Avenue in downtown Naperville.

Note also that on Thanksgiving morning Quigley’s will be open so folks can gather to cheer on the participants who run in the Lions Club 5K Turkey Trot on Nov. 22, 2018. 


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