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KidsMatter 2 Us – Teen employment provides growth and opportunity


While it is normal to want your teen to focus on their studies, don’t discount the benefits of outside employment during the high school and college years. Adolescent work experience is linked to personal growth, says a new study published by the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (Frerichs, et. al, 2023). The study looked at the effects of work experience as compared to other career exploration experiences and found that teens who were actively working had a stronger sense of self-efficacy – meaning they felt more capable and skilled – than their peers who were doing only career exploration.

Other benefits of outside work during high school and college include learning how to manage money; time management, especially when balancing sports and homework, too; “soft” skills and professional behaviors; and of course, specific skills related to the job they are doing. In addition, early work experience helps build a resume or college application and can lead students to internships and important contacts once they have begun to study and seek employment in their chosen field.

Finding a job needn’t be difficult. KidsMatter and the Naperville Park District will be hosting the 2024 Community Job Fair on January 6, 2024, at the Fort Hill Activity Center, 20 Fort Hill Drive in Naperville. Teens (and jobseekers of any age) will be able to speak directly with hiring managers about specific jobs, have their resume reviewed, participate in a mock interview, receive information on financial literacy and visit with industry experts. The fair is free and open to everyone looking for employment.

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Area businesses interested in participating should contact Sherilyn Hebel for more information at sherilyn@kidsmatter2us.org or call (630) 864-3960.

For more information about the Community Job Fair or other KidsMatter programming and events, visit kidsmatter2us.org.

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Nina Menis
Nina Menis
Nina M. Menis serves as CEO & Executive Director of KidsMatter. Nina grew up in Naperville and enjoyed raising a family in Naperville. Nina has worked in advancement for both public and private P-20 educational institutions and area nonprofits for more than 30 years. Contact Nina (pronounced nine-eh) at nina@kidsmatter2us.org or (630) 864-3974.


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