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Journey with Autism – Lessons learned living life in Italy


I’m told that in life both poor and rich, young and old, want love and life filled with boldly peaceful days.

During a recent trip to Italy and following the ways in which people live is very interesting to me. They don’t have nearly as many stores or items in their grocery. There aren’t fast food restaurants on every corner nor can you get food or groceries delivered.

Most people walk longer distances than we are used to just climbing the hills to the recycling bins and compost containers. Life looks very much like it must have been even many years ago.

On beautiful days outside is bustling with life.

It seems everyone goes to the gelato places and drinks tiny coffees outside. Butter cakes and beautiful displays have to be eaten to understand just how delicious confection can be. Buying gelato is looming on everyone’s minds throughout the day. Lines form. And giggling children get there wish more often than imaginable, but it’s the healthier preparation that must keep most everyone looking slim and robust.

Thanks to walking poles, even the older folks walk the tiny winding roads that have more ancient history in a block then I’ve seen any place else. It’s life in Italy.

I am I’m thinking we need to spend more time looking at lifestyles in countries with less lanes in grocery stores and more food grown in gardens. Maybe bikes and walking, gelato made fresh daily and life mostly outside make an easier track to peace—and love.

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Joe Rosenbloom
Joe Rosenbloom
Joe Rosenbloom is a 29-year-old young man with autism spectrum disorder, who is passionate about outreach and social justice.

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