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Friday, September 29, 2023

Joe Rosenbloom

Joe Rosenbloom is a 29-year-old young man with autism spectrum disorder, who is passionate about outreach and social justice.

Journey with Autism – The precious gift of freedom

In our bright-looking firework-festive celebration of our country‘s birth, we are more led to look at freedom then ever before.  Freedom is what brought our...

Journey with Autism – From spring to summer in the Midwest

Going out into the fine weather has made people mindful of how lucky we are to look down the street and see the magnificent...

Journey with Autism – Lessons learned living life in Italy

I’m told that in life both poor and rich, young and old, want love and life filled with boldly peaceful days. During a recent trip...

Journey with Autism – Good attitudes make problems smaller

What slams us in life, hits us hardest. What makes life difficult is our inability to face problems without losing a good attitude. I can...

Journey with Autism – Score 20 Wins is working

In the past month, I’ve joined my mind first and foremost to highly positive thoughts. This is more work than you might think. Bold storms take...

Journey with Autism – Score 20 wins every season

Who can predict the future? No one knows what lies ahead. We can only hold onto hope that life blesses us with bigger dreams...

Journey with Autism – Illuminate seasonal traditions

In ancient times, fleeing persecution was not proven to be an option. Following one’s beliefs was dangerous and had forced consequences. Thousands of years later,...

Journey with Autism – Bright, brilliant blessings

While knowing gratitude, it’s plausible we don’t really understand how blessed we are. Who of us until we are faced with losing something or someone...

Journey with Autism – Change is life

When I walk outside pleasantly hearing the rustling leaves and maybe seeing a few beginning their last effort to stay green, I’m filled with...

Journey with Autism – It’s time for a good laugh

What is nicer than building a bridge between jokingly smart conversation and salty silliness? With all the mostly troubling, often terrible news we are...
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