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BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois celebrates 98th anniversary


Above / Today the BBB of Chicago commemorates its first 98 years since opening its doors on April 22, 1926, always aimed at fighting fraud and bad business practices by keeping up with changing times and modern technology.

Every year on April 22, the BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois celebrates another anniversary of the opening of the Chicago Office, mindful that the movement has come a long way since the organization first was founded in 1912, four years after the FBI started in 1908.

According to a BBB news release, in the beginning, Samuel Dobbs, president and chairman of Coca-Cola, led a national team of business leaders to uphold truth in advertisements. A very active and vigilant team, first calling itself the “Better Advertising Bureau,” then evolved and opened the doors of the first Chicago BBB office in 1926. 

The Bureau has remained committed to its work through good times and bad, protecting businesses and educating consumers during the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Great Recession and the historical pandemic.

In a written statement, Naperville resident Steve J. Bernas, BBB president and CEO, said, “The BBB Seal, ‘The Sign of a Better Business,’ has become more important and relevant than ever before. All age groups, from Millennials to Seniors, are relying on the BBB for consumer protection and trustworthy business research.”

Bernas continued, “We are proud to have strengthened the marketplace during these challenging times, and we are committed to offering the same reassurance to our stakeholders today and into the future. Through the years, we have had the pleasure of receiving positive feedback from thousands of everyday consumers and former presidents of the United States.”

Steve J. Bernas (Photo courtesy BBB)

Bernas has served as president and CEO for more than 36 years.

“It’s my pleasure to continue to serve this BBB…,” Bernas said. “We are proud of our rich history and historical local roots and look forward to the next two years to our 100th anniversary and far beyond.”

Better Business Bureau of Chicago dates back to 1926

BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois is a nonprofit organization that has served consumers and trustworthy businesses for 98 years and is a part of the IABBB. We help protect consumers from scams and provide a free database for consumers to see business ratings and reviews to find businesses they can trust. We connect customers to businesses they can trust. 

The International Association of Better Business Bureaus (IABBB) is the network hub for BBBs in the U.S. and Canada.


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