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Sam & Joe / Mother’s Day Present


“Here is a Mother’s Day inspired comic for May, just in time!” emailed Sam & Joe’s creator Jared Moser, who mentioned that this month the North Central College volleyball team on which he plays made the Sweet 16, and it had been finals week.

“It’s also my mom’s birthday today!” Moser noted, the weekend before Mother’s Day.

The comic featured on this post also includes a little promotion that connects WONC FM 89.1, the commercial-free Radio Voice of North Central College.

“Make sure to tune into WONC FM89 at 89.1,” emailed Moser, who is also music director for WONC 89.1 at North Central College. 
Visit WONC 89.1 at wonc.org or listen live, (Find the “Listen Live” link on the homepage.) and download the iHeart Radio app. 
Consider catching noon-1PM lunchtime “second helpings” hour, where WONC plays back-to-back songs by your favorite artists.
Then from 10PM to midnight a vintage playlist is featured with the best of the psychedelic era. 
Note also that the Cardinal Podcast is back and better than ever! The podcast dedicated to North Central College Athletics made its return in March with a new format focused on interviews with North Central players and coaches.
Cheers to springtime at WONC as we look toward continuing a great year of playing songs from the classics to the cutting edge.
One more thing…Listeners who wish to make a request are welcome to contact WONC 89.1 via the WONC Request Line (Call or Text) at (630) 637-8989. Thanks!
Sam & Joe’s Brief Bio

“Sam & Joe” is a comic strip featuring a couple of colorful characters created by Jared Moser. Look for Moser’s silliness, frame by frame, again to be featured almost monthly online at www.positivelynaperville.com.

Find the comic strip printed in the monthly publication, too.

Cartoonist Moser, hailing from Wheeling, Illinois, attends North Central College. Now a junior, Moser recently changed his major to entrepreneurship, with minors in journalism and media communications and animation. He plays volleyball and golf for North Central, resulting in receiving ACVA national player of the week, and conference freshman of the year for volleyball. The third-year student added that he is now the head music director for WONC 89.1, North Central’s award-winning radio station.

After a chance meeting in February 2020 at the North Central College WONC Radio Station (89.1 FM Pure Rock), Moser submitted samples of his work. In March 2020, Positively Naperville’s publisher began running his comics featuring a couple of his buddies, Sam and Joe. 

Moser says “Sam & Joe” started off “as a doodle in a middle school note book, and with the influences of Calvin & Hobbes, and Big Nate,” the teenage “best friends” grew into the bickering sidekicks they are today.

Originally created in black and white, since summer 2020 Moser has depicted Sam (blonde hair) & Joe (dark hair) reacting to seasonal activities and special holidays in living color.

Enjoy the monthly episodes of these best buddies in print and online!

And throughout 2022, discover Naperville!

Find tastes of the season via Dine Naperville!

Stay tuned to WONC-FM Radio at wonc.org. 

Find accommodations for visiting guests during overnight stays featured at Visit Naperville.

Where to find ‘Sam & Joe’ in print…

“Sam & Joe” will be presented again in print in the monthly publication, available in the rack at one of 25 Positively Naperville pick-up locations around town.

Find distribution racks at Quigley’s Irish Pub in downtown Naperville (And stop by Quigley’s for live music most Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays.), Caputo’s Fresh Market on 111th Street at Route 59, Garden Fresh Market in Hobson West, The Boxes in Cress Creek Square Shopping Center as well as Casey’s Foods and Oswald’s Pharmacy in Naperville Plaza, and at the Boilerhouse Cafe at North Central College, to name a few.

Racks are replenished regularly throughout the month to help keep them neat with copies available until the next issue. Thanks to readers who contact us when racks are running low. PN’s press date usually is set for the Monday before the first day of the month.

Thanks for reading in print and online! Enjoy seasonal merriment, past and present, with Sam & Joe!

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