I think the holidays are the longtime best way for us to place our lives on hold and get a true perspective on ourselves. The same days with the distant past historical significance produce a variety of interpretations and lend themselves to flashes of the best and worst people have to offer. Giving gifts and celebrating a special day along with family and friends is part of the lasting ongoing way almost everyone chooses to celebrate.

The development of Hallmark fueled sending cards. Then along came filling our homes with lights. Almost before Halloween, the stores haul out decorations and we hear holiday songs.

With going out shopping before the turkey is gone, the same holidays look very different than when all the doing began.

Questions we should ask ourselves is what do we band our time, attention and money to? And why? How much of this acquiring of gifts, how much of our decorations and holiday preparation relates at all to the reason historic events are remembered?

When we find our loved ones near, when the poor and horribly forgotten are remembered, when wishing each other love and good blessings, we find the meaning that may have been lost to us over the years. And of all the things we do this season, may the most important acts be those linked to love.