Above / The Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle Street, houses the 9-member Naperville City Council that includes the Mayor. Since 1969, Naperville has operated under the Council-Manager form of government. In addition, Naperville welcomes reliable volunteers to fill more than 250 volunteer positions on almost 20 boards, commissions and task forces, also great opportunities for citizens to serve.

UPDATE, Jan. 20, 2019 / While the temperature dipped to a frigid 7 degrees last night in central Naperville, the Consolidated Election is heating up with dozens of Meet & Greet Events and Candidate Forums scheduled during January, February and March in advance of the Consolidated Election on Tues., April 2, 2019.

For the current list of candidates running for Naperville Mayor and City Council, School Board 203, School Board 204 and Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners, click on Meet & Greet or Candidate Forums. Thank you.

Meet & Greet Events    &     Candidate Forums

For updates after the first day of campaign filing on Nov. 19, 2018, and the most current info that PN has available about the Consolidated Election on April 2, 2019, click here.

At 8AM Mon., Nov. 19, two candidates for Naperville Mayor, Steve Chirico and Rocky Caylor. filed nominating petitions to serve on City Council.

Another nine residents  that filed to run for Naperville City Council member are Patty Gustin, Paul Hinterlong, Bradford Miller, Michele Clemen, Theresa Sullivan, Bruce Hanson, David Wentz, Whitney Robbins and Patrick Kelly.

UPDATE, Nov. 13, 2018 / Today we updated the list after a visit to the City Clerk’s Office. Folks who have taken out packets with info to run for City Council are Jacques Lacour, Patty Gustin, Theresa Sullivan, Michele Clemen, Whitney Robbins, Nancy Turner, Barbara O’Meara and Dianne McGuire. McGuire also took out a packet for Mayor. 

UPDATE, Oct. 9, 2018 / In response to numerous inquiries, a visit to the City Clerk’s Office revealed a couple additions to the list of individuals who have taken petition packets with information about running for City Council. Michael Brown and Patrick Kelly are on the list. Anyone wishing to keep up with the list can contact the City Clerk’s Office at (630) 305-5300.

UPDATE, Sept. 20, 2018 / As of today, two additional petition packets have been picked up at the City Clerk’s Office in the Naperville Municipal Center, indicating interest in serving on the Naperville City Council. Karl Weber has picked up a packet with information about running for Naperville Mayor. Dana Beatty has signed out a packet for City Council.

UPDATE, Sept. 7, 2018 / PN’s focus at the moment is preparing citizens to be informed voters by the General Election slated from 6AM to 7PM on Tues., Nov. 6. That list of candidates running to serve Naperville in DuPage and Will counties, Springfield and Washington, D.C., is available online with a click here

Consolidated Election is April 2, 2019

Meanwhile, the time has arrived for local candidates to pick up petition packets for the Consolidated Election next spring. Petition packets with candidate information are now available for residents interested in serving Naperville City Council  with packets in the City Clerk’s  office in the Naperville Municipal Center.

District 203 and District 204 School Boards (packets available Election Commission Office in DuPage County Administration Building or online) and the Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners (packets available at NPD Administration Building) will be available on Sept. 14, 2018.

Several weeks ago, when we picked up packets for the Municipal Election, we noted petition packets for Mayor had been picked up by Steve Chirico and Rocky Caylor. Packets for City Council had been picked up by Bruce Hanson, Bradford Miller and Rocky Caylor.

Today, we checked again.  While the list of packet pickups for Mayor has remained the same, the list of individuals who picked up packets for City Council has grown to include Paul Hinterlong, Kay McElroy (for Joe McElroy) and David Wentz.

Beginning Nov. 19, 2018, PN will accept 300 words or less from candidates filing to run for City Council. Please include contact info, a head shot and website. It is our view that candidates who have not taken time to begin a website that will be available 24-7 online throughout the campaign are not considered serious about serving this community. Social media sites are not considered websites since they are not accessible to all. Thanks.

Bruce Hanson

Posted, Aug. 6, 2018 / Today Bruce Hanson was first to throw his hat into the ring to seek election to Naperville’s City Council and to serve one of four City Council seats up for election on April 2, 2019. 

“I am proud to announce my candidacy for Naperville City Council,” said Hanson in a news release. “I have volunteered on Naperville City Commissions since 2003. I know Naperville’s strength and vibrancy come from committed City leaders who understand and balance the needs of both our residents and the business community. I am a local business owner, 18-year resident, and father of freshman twins at Naperville North High School. I have a strong sense of what it takes to lead in this capacity and I look forward to serving on City Council.”

Hanson is a leadership and business advisory consultant in the Naperville, Illinois firm Intentional Impact, LLC. He holds an undergraduate degree in French and German literature, with a master’s degree in French political science, economics and history.

Hanson currently serves as an officer on the City of Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission. For more than 15 years, Hanson has volunteered for multiple City commissions, including as a past Chairman of the City of Naperville Financial Advisory Board, SECA Commissioner, and Library Trustee.

In addition to more than 13 years as a youth leader at Good Shepherd Church, he is also a past President of the Naperville United Way and served as Treasurer for the Naperville Heritage Society Board, and trustee for KidsMatter.

Bruce Hanson lives in east Naperville with his wife, Amanda, and their 14-year-old twins.

Bruce Hanson Campaign Information

Campaign news and updates will be available on Hanson’s Facebook campaign page at https://fb.me/HansonForNaperville and on Twitter at @bruce_hanson (https://twitter.com/Bruce_Hanson).

For more information, visit the campaign website at https://HansonForNaperville.com.

Meanwhile, Hanson said he welcomes questions about his background and his candidacy. Contact him via e-mail at Bruce@HansonForNaperville.com.

Editor’s Note, Aug. 6, 2018 / Petition Packets for City Council hopefuls will be available for pick up at the end of August 2018 in the City Clerk’s Office, 400 S. Eagle Street. Petition circulation can begin on Tues., Aug. 28, 2018. Candidates and their supporters will have nearly three months to circulate petitions.

The filing period runs for a week at the end of November 2018.  As is customary, if six or more candidates are in line to file petitions on the first day, a lottery will determine ballot position. The same procedure goes for candidates filing on the final day to determine who will be last on the ballot.

The 2019 Consolidated Election (including City Council, Boards of Education for School Districts 203 and 204, and the Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners) is slated for April 2, 2019. If needed, a Primary Election will be held on February 26, 2019. Stay tuned.

Italics text updated Aug. 7, 2018

Information about Elected Officials and Voting in Naperville

Click here for Naperville Government Guide featuring Elected Officials Now Serving.

POSTED August 25, 2018 / Municipal Petition Packets at City Hall, School Board petition info at DuPage County Administration Building, Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners info at NPD.

Post last updated, November 13, 2018