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The Naperville community seeks reasonable, responsible women and men to serve during every election cycle! Pay attention and consider the opportunity.


Six (6) Townships serve Naperville 
Township Trustees and elected officials are not posted here. Visit individual township websites for information about township government and how six townships serve Naperville. Thanks.
DuPage County (Four Townships)
Lisle Township – East of Washington at Modaff
Milton Township – Small section on Naperville’s north side
Naperville Township – West of Washington at Modaff
Winfield Township – Small section on Naperville’s north side
Will County (Two Townships)
DuPage Township – East of Modaff, south of 87th St.
Wheatland Township – West of Modaff, south of 87th St. 
Naperville is located in two (2) counties:
DuPAGE COUNTY (Find all DuPage County officials listed.)
WILL COUNTY (Find all Will  County officials listed.)  
Do you know your elected officials from here to Washington, D.C.?



 City of Naperville
Naperville Municipal Center / 400 S. Eagle Street 
City Manager Doug Krieger
Mayor Steve Chirico* –
City Council –
Meets first & third Tuesdays most months, 7 PM (Check to confirm date and time.) Naperville City Council Chambers Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St. Naperville City Council meetings are televised live on Channel 6 (Wide Open West) and Channel 10 (Comcast)
Judy Brodhead*
Paul Hinterlong
John Krummen*
Kevin Coyne*
Patty Gustin
Rebecca Obarski
Becky Anderson
Benny White*
*Term ends 2021 / All other terms end 2019.
Since 1969, the City of Naperville has governed as a Council/Manager form of government. Note also that beginning in 2015, the Naperville City Council has limits on its 4-year term. From now on, members are limited to three terms. 


School District 203
Dan Bridges, Superintendent of District 203.
Send your comments to members of the School District 203 Board of Education: President Kristen Fitzgerald*, Terry Fielden, Donna Wandke* and Charles Cush*, Paul Leong, Kristine Gericke* and Janet Yang Rohr.  *Term ends 2021 / All other terms end 2019.
Send  comments to administrators of School District 203 & Superintendent Dan Bridges at
School District 204
Dr. Karen Sullivan, Superintendent of Indian Prairie School District 204. 
Send your comments to members of the School District 204 Board of Education: President Mike Raczak*, Natasha Grover (appointed on Oct. 22, 2018, to fill seat left vacant.), Cathy Piehl*, Mark Rising, Laurie Donahue*, Justin Karubas and Susan Demming* at   *Term ends 2021 / All other terms end 2019.
Send comments to administrators of School District 204 & Superintendent Dr. Karen Sullivan at
DuPage Regional Office of Education
Illinois State Board of Education
U.S. Department of Education


Naperville Park District
Naperville Park District / 320 West Jackson / (630) 848-5000
Executive Director Ray McGury
Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners: President Mike Reilly*,  Bill Eagan*, Bobby Carlsen*, Mike King* Rich Janor, Jim Ensign and Marie Todd.  *Term ends 2021 / All other terms end 2019.

DuPage County / Wheaton

DuPage County Board
DuPage County Board Chairman
Dan Cronin (R)
DuPage County Board (District 5)
Dawn DeSart (D)
Jim Healy (R)
Sadia Covert (D) 
DuPage County Board (District 3)
Brian J. Krajewski(R)
John Curran (R)
Gary Grasso (R) 
DuPage Forest Preserve
President of Forest Preserve
Daniel Hebreard (D)
DuPage County Forest Preserve District 5
Mary Lou Wehrli (R)
DuPage County Forest Preserve District 3
Steven Leopoldo (D)  
DuPage County Sheriff
James Mendrick (R)
DuPage County Judicial
2nd Appellate
Ann Jorgensen* (R)
2nd Appellate
Mary S. Schostok (R)
18th Circuit
Ron Sutter (R)
DuPage County Treasurer
Gwen Henry (R) 
DuPage County Clerk
Jean Kaczmarek (D) 

Will County / Joliet

Will County Board

Will County Board (District 11) 

Michelle “Mimi” Cowan (D)
Julie Anne Berkowicz (R)
Will County Sheriff
Mike Kelley (D)
Will County Clerk
Lauren Staley-Ferry (D)
Will County Treasurer
Timothy M. Brophe (D)
Will County 12th Judicial
Subcircuit One
Robert P. Livas (R)
Subcircuit Three
Ray Nash (R)
Subcircuit Four
Wayne M. Kwiat, Sr. (R)
Subcircuit Five
Barbara N. ‘Bobbi’ Petrungaro (R)
Subcircuit Five (B)
Raymond E. (Ray) Rossi (R)

State of Illinois / Springfield

Illinois Governor / Lieutenant Governor
Bruce Rauner (R)
Evelyn Sanguinetti (R)
Illinois Attorney General
Lisa Madigan (D)
Illinois Secretary of State
Jesse White (D)
Illinois State Comptroller
Susana A. Mendoza (D)
Illinois State Treasurer
Michael Frerichs (D)
INFO for the State of Illinois Executive Branch
How to find your representative: scroll down to additional resources: click on legislator lookup
Illinois State Senators 
Mike Connelly (R)
21st District
District Office: 
(Soon to open at new location in downtown Naperville
Jefferson at Webster)
1725 S. Naperville Road, Suite 200,
Wheaton, IL 60189
(630) 682-8101.
His aide is Kim Brondyke.
Springfield Office:
M103E State House
Springfield, IL 62706 (217-782-8192).
His aide is Dawn Huddleston.
Linda Holmes (D)
42nd District
Springfield Office:
129 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-0422
District Office:
76 S. LaSalle St., Unit 202
Aurora, IL 60505
(630) 801-8985
Illinois State Representatives 
Mike Fortner (R-49)
135 Fremont Street
West Chicago, IL 60185
232-N Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-1653
Jeanne M. Ives (R- 42nd)
Springfield Office: 
218-N  Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 558-1037
(217) 782-1275 FAX 
District Number:
(630) 384-9719 (Leave message)
Grant Wehrli (R-41)
41st District
Springfield Office:
214-N Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
District Office:
Main Street Promenade
55 S. Main Street, Suite 383
Naperville, IL 60540
Dupage County
(630) 696 – 4160
David Olsen (R) *****
81st District
Springfield Office: 
632 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-6578
District Office: 
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(630) 737-0504
 Stephanie Kifowit (D)
84th District
Springfield Office:
200-S3 Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-8028
District Office:
1677 Montgomery Rd #116
Aurora, IL 60504

Washington, D.C.

Federal Government
Firstgov: federal governent official web portal


Bill Foster (D)
11th Congressional District 
2113 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-1311
DC Phone: (202)225-3515
2711 E New York St #204
Aurora, IL 60502
Phone:(630) 585-7672
Randy Hultgren (R)
14th Congressional District
427 Cannon House Office Building,
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-2976
Peter Roskam (R)
6th Congressional District
2700 International Drive Sutei 304
West Chicago, IL 60185
(630) 232-0006


Senator Dick Durbin (D)
332 Dirksen SOB
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-2152
230 S. Dearborn Ste. 3892
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 353-4952
fax 312-353-0150
Senator Tammy Duckworth
G12 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
ph: (202) 224-2854
fax: (202) 228-0618
Chicago Senate Office
230 South Dearborn Street, Suite 3900,
Chicago, IL 606041480.
ph: (312) 886-3506.


President Donald Trump (R)
Mailing Address:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone Numbers:
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Vice President Mike Pence

Government Info to Know

Flags on Rotary Hill

Watch public meetings live or replayed on-demand on the Internet

Residents and interested parties can watch City Council meeting videos live and on-demand on their computer with the new eAgenda system recently implemented by the City of Naperville. Television broadcasts on local cable also continue on Channels 6 and 10, depending on cable provider. Regular meetings are scheduled on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. This service is available at, allows viewers to watch video and hear audio of City Council meetings as they are happening.

Once the meeting is complete, the video will be archived on the Web site for access at future times.

School District 204 (School Board Meetings & Much More)

Naperville Park District (Click for NPD links featured)

School District 203

Why be an educated voter?

vote“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free… it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” —Ronald Reagan

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” —John F. Kennedy

“Democracy is not a spectator sport.” —Lotte E. Scharfman, Refugee from Hitler’s Germany, Member of the Massachusetts. League of Women Voters in the 1970s

How money walks!

One website, How Money Walks, shows how citizens have been moving from state to state, county to county for the last decade. Which states are winning and losing?

Share with kids!

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has launched an initiative to teach children about government:

Here’s a Web site that educates about the law to teach youngsters about the U.S. Constitution.

Share with all ages!

What is a Democrat?

What is a Republican?

What is a libertarian, small “l”? According to folks at the CATO Institute, “libertarianism is a philosophy of peace, freedom, toleration, and individual rights.”

As David Boaz wrote in his work titled Libertarianism: A Primer, “Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others.”

Those ideals have played an important role for all advocates of freedom throughout American history.

Libertarians have been fighting ignorance, superstition, privilege and power for centuries. Libertarians reject bigotry and advocate equal rights for every individual.

For more, visit

What is No Labels?

Political Parties in the U.S.

What is the Democrat Party?

What is the Republican Party?  

What is the Libertarian Party?

What is the Green Party?

What is the Constitution Party?

The first three political parties listed here (The five listed seat the most candidates.) had candidates on the ballots in all 50 states in the United States Presidential Election of 2016. Candidates representing an array of other political parties of varying popularity were on some ballots in some states.

If you need to register to vote or update your voting address, please note websites or phone numbers for procedures and locations.


Important Contact Information:

DuPage County Residents – 630-407-5600

Will County Residents – 815-740-4620


Residents who will be out of the area on Election Day can cast an absentee ballot by mail. College students or those who will be out of town for an extended period of time can call their County office to obtain an application for an absentee ballot. The County will then handle the entire voting process by mail.


Residents who will be in town early can take ad- vantage of the State of Illinois’ newly launched Early Voting initiative. Registered voters with a valid drivers license or photo ID card can vote early at the following locations:

DuPage County Residents
Naperville Municipal Center
400 S. Eagle, Naperville
Hours: Mon – Fri 8AM to 4:30PM, Sat 9AM – noon
DuPage County Election Commission
421 N. County Farm Rd, Wheaton
Hours: Mon – Fri 8AM to 4:30PM, Sat. & Sun,
8AM to 12PM
Will County Residents
Naperville Municipal Center
400 S. Eagle, Naperville
Hours: Mon – Fri 8 AM to 4:30 PM,
Sat 9 AM to 12 PM
Will County Clerk’s Office
302 N Chicago Street, Joliet
Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM,
Sat 9 AM to 12


In the News / In Print & Online
Daily Herald
Naperville Sun / Chicago Tribune
Positively Naperville / Government
Hot Issues / Hot Topics / Submitted by local residents
(Linked upon request)
Quality Education 203 – QE203
Naperville Smart Meter Awareness
City Council Watch Dog 


(Linked upon request)
Better Government Association (Illinois Fact-Checker)
The American Thinker
The Cato Institute
Foreign Affairs
Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
Naperville Public Library Organization & Leaders / Local Government
Patriot Post
Huffington Post
Stupid Frogs
Thomas Sowell
U.S. Constitution
No Labels (Do What’s Best for America)
The Dreyfuss Initiative
Tom G. Palmer
Heritage Foundation
Opinionated But Right 


Daily Herald
Naperville Sun / Chicago Tribune
Better Government Association (Illinois Fact-Checker)
Positively Naperville / Government 


The Mayor and Naperville City Council extend an invitation to the residents of Naperville who’d like to serve one of the boards and commissions.

Naperville residents looking to get more involved in their community can volunteer to serve on one of the city’s more than 15 boards and commissions. Appointments are typically reserved for Naperville residents and are made by the Mayor and City Council based on experience and interest.

Interested residents can submit an application letter, a copy of their resume, and a completed application for consideration to:

Naperville Municipal Center, Mayor’s Office P.O. Box 3020 Naperville, Illinois, 60566.Residents can also complete an application on the city’s Web site at To learn more about the city’s different boards and commissions, please contact the Mayor’s Office at (630) 420-6018.

To serve on one of the following city boards and commissions contact the Naperville Mayor’s Office. Meeting times are subject to change.

Advisory Commission on Persons with Disabilities

First Wednesday of every month at 7PM

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board

Third Monday of every month at 7PM

Board of Library Trustees

One Wednesday a month at 7PM

Building Review Board

Emergency Telephone System Board

Meets second Thursday of March, June, and September, and December, 3PM

Fair Housing Advisory Commission

One Tuesday a month at 7PM

Historic Sites Commission

Fourth Thursday of each month at 7PM

Naper Settlement Museum Board

Four times a year

Plan Commission

First and third Wednesdays of every month at 7PM, and fourth Wednesday as necessary

Riverwalk Commission

Second Wednesday of every month at 7:30AM

Sister Cities Commission

First Wednesday of every month at 7PM

Transportation Advisory Board (TAB)

First Saturday of every month at 8AM

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

Second Tuesday of every month at 7PM


Democratic Party of Wheatland Township

DuPage Democrats

DuPage Republicans

Green Party

Illinois Democrats

Illinois Green Party

Illinois Republicans

League of Women Voters

Libertarian Party of Illinois

Lisle Township Democratic Organization

Lisle Township Republican Organization

Naperville Chamber of Commerce NACPAC

Naperville Township Democratic Organization

Naperville Township Republicans

National Democratic Party

Naperville Voter Education League

Naperville TEA Patriots

Operation Turn DuPage Blue

Republican National Committee

Wheatland Township Republican Organization

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