The way we view men is very different from the way we view women. Looking at history, men have been in the position of power for the majority of our existence. While there are famous examples of women leaders dating back to ancient Egypt, less than one percent of power for the thousands of years was held by females.

It would have been a different world had more women guided the course of history. Dominant male leadership with men in control gives less attention to young women needing strong role models to empower them. Like any of us who experience the pain of making longer bolder efforts to be viewed as the equal of the men gaining status, my experience has taught me that unless we are viewed as if we are all equal in the eyes of mighty, we will forever be sentenced to the demeaning treatment many women minorities and people with disabilities face.

They must prepare for the movement that is now naming something that previously went unsaid. No longer can we tolerate lives being valued by positions of authority and judged by gender, race, religion or disability.

The playing field must serve everyone. When this happens the world will change in ways we can only dream possible.