America has nature on its mind. Recent weather events have focused attention on the vicious consequences, beginning with Houston and then to other attacks launched shortly after, in that beautiful bold part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Running from danger, millions of scared people got into cars and drove far from home, a furious race against the dangerous storm. Away from dear, very familiar shops and streets, and going with having to leave most belongings behind, dilemma hit of a great reality that all material may be lost.

Dealing with your life now being turned harrowing has to be named one of the most traumatic events. Running for their lives from natural disasters joins the world crisis looming of people clamoring for safety from aggression and war.

Who will give them shelter and life free of suffering?

America in the present times does not relate to adversity from smoldering civil war eruptions intensified into civilians hurt or intentionally murdered. If we’re held to emergency evacuations and allow it to hit home, we realize the most tragic place anyone can be chased from their home.

Are Americans different from those people being turned away from safe places? Do we slam the doors or draw wisdom from these parallel storms?