Above / After the last entry in the Naperville Memorial Day Parade passed this patriotic youngster, he gave a final wave to the operator of the city’s street sweeper.  He cheered for every marching band and said he aspires to play the trumpet some day. (Are you paying attention Ron Keller and Pete Ellman?) God bless America as we remember all the fallen heroes who have protected our liberty since the beginning of the U.S.A.

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Editor’s Note, June 2, 2016 / Readers have been responding to May’s Greetings to PN, saying that they are unable to read the text of this letter on electronic devices. Since the popularity of email, seldom do we receive letters to the editor via USPS such as the one photographed from Speaker Madigan, dated May 17, 2016.

Here’s the text from the Speaker, Illinois House of Representatives:

As of this writing, the state is beginning its 11th month without a complete budget for the 2016 Fiscal Year, and we are days away from the deadline for passing a budget for the next fiscal year. Though House Democrats continue fighting to fund critical state services, including breast cancer screenings, in-home care for the elderly, meals for homebound seniors, and higher education, as well as funding for victims of child abuse and sexual assault, legislative Republicans and Governor Rauner block our efforts.

While House Democrats’ priority has been to pass a comprehensive, full-fiscal year budget using a balanced approach that includes spending cuts but does not decimate needed services, Governor Rauner’s priority puts his personal agenda first and attacks the wages and standard of living of the middle class. His insistance on passing his personal agenda has been the single roadblock to finding a true bipartisan budget solution.

However, since March 26, 2015, Governor Rauner has approved six budget proposals that did not include any part of his personal agenda. This affirms my previous statements that when the governor sets aside his personal agenda that hurts middle-class families, we can make progress on the state’s most important issue. The people of Illinois want to see progress. They want to see a comprehensive full-year budget. I, too, am committed to passing comprehensive budgets for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017. I also hope the governor will look at his recent budgetary actions and see what can come together to find reasonable solutions when he sets aside his personal agenda that will hurt middle-class families and has nothing to do with the state budget.

—Michael J. Madigan, Speaker, Illinois House of Representatives

As a mother and former substitute teacher, ensuring my children receive the best education possible is one of the most important things in my life. The subject of school funding has been debated for many years, and I have also hosted a community discussion on this subject matter. I wanted to update you on this vital topic.

A national study in 2015 found that Illinois has the most unfair funding system in the country. Our property tax rates are some of the highest nationally, and I have consistently voted to freeze property taxes to give homeowners relief. For example, Oswego District 204’s property tax payers are taxed at almost 20% higher than the statewide average.

Recent proposals in Springfield to change our state’s education funding would result in even more dollars being taken away from our schools. I have said from day one that I cannot support a bill that would cause schools in my district to lose money.

I am unsure whether Senate Bill 231 will receive a vote in the House, but if it is not changed to protect our schools, I will oppose it. I will continue to represent our area schools by opposing any cuts to school funding, supporting property tax relief, and ensuring our children get the best education for a successful future.

Please feel free to call me on my cellphone if you have any additional questions about this bill or any other issue at (630) 306-2888.

—Stephanie Kifowit, State Representative, 84th District

When I was a little girl, the Memorial Day Parade was one of the high points of the summer. Our Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troupes marched proudly in the parade to the cemetery to honor our fallen soldiers. Sounds like the parade is now marching in reverse to SS Peter and Paul Church. This day was full of excitement and fun as well as reverence for those who had given so much for our freedom. So glad to see the parade is still a part of Naperville’s rich history.  —Janice Desjardins

the-barn-reunion“Once a place like the Barn goes away and a new building takes its place, something’s lost. There was just something about driving past the Barn after all these years and it was still there. In a subtle way, it gave a permanence to our teenage years here in Naperville when there wasn’t a whole lot going on. When I think of times there, I always smile, they are just good memories with good people, who I still value as my friends.” —Veronica Porter

Editor’s Note / The Barn Farewell is slated from 4-9PM Sat., June 4. The free event is hosted by the Naperville Park District, now celebrating 50 years!

pn reader in ArizonaI am a friend of Lee Lindberg’s and I just received a copy of your May edition from him.  He indicated how you like to capture readers from other parts of the country with your paper, so I have attached one if you would like to have one from Tucson, AZ.  My husband and I enjoyed reading the paper and most especially the coverage of Lee’s recent community award and his recipe section.  You have a very nice publication.   —Barbara Long

Editor’s Note / Thanks to everyone, near and far, who catches folks reading PN, a popular feature of this newspaper since November 2001!