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Teen’s Taste – Centennial Grill is calling your name



School’s out and summer’s in full swing. There are so many fun things to do in Naperville in the summer!

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is hop on our bikes and head to Centennial Beach.

Interesting history on The Beach – it was actually a quarry and the building foundation for much of our great city of Naperville. It was quarried until 1913 and in early 1932, development of the swimming facility began and by the summer of 1932 The Beach was open and people from all around came to enjoy the beach. Some even traveled by train. Back then the admission fees were 10 cents for children and 35 cents for adults.

The beach today brings families from all around, too. The clean and friendly atmosphere makes it a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon.

They have a great place to eat called Centennial Grill. One of my favorite meals is the chicken strip combo meal. It comes with four chicken strips, a side of French fries and a medium drink. The chicken strips are crispy and juicy. The fries are perfectly crispy. I usually get melted cheese cup to compliment the fries.

For the drink, I get a special kind of soda called “The Beach Soda.”

So hop on your bike, grab the sunblock and head to the beach … And tell them Jack sent ya! Have a great summer!

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Jack Morrissey
Jack Morrissey
Jack Morrissey is a senior at Naperville Central and aspiring foodie.