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Naperville Development Partnership president set to retire after 27 years


When the Naperville Development Partnership moved to its spacious office center in 2013, the new conference room was named “Hal Wilde Board Room” to honor Dr. Harold Wilde, the first Chairman of the NDP. At that time, Scott Wehrli, now Naperville mayor, was preparing to assume Board Chairmanship and Christine Jeffries had served 16 years as NDP President.

Mayor proclaims ‘Christine Jeffries Day, May 7, 2024’

During the City Council meeting on Tues., May 7, Mayor Scott Wehrli read a proclamation honoring Christine Jeffries for her service to the community as president of the Naperville Development Partnership since 1997. In addition to a standing ovation from the City Council and City staff, Jeffries received a commemorative street sign. One side of the sign says “Jeffries Way” and the other side says “Economic Dr.” Certainly her “way” and her “drive” have led the way!

Councilman Benny White, Christine Jeffries and Mayor Scott Wehrli are pictured in front of the Naperville City Council, City Manager and City Attorney during recognition of the NDP President, now retired. (PN Photo)
Sandwiched between Councilman Benny White and Mayor Scott Wehrli, Christine Jeffries leaves the City of Naperville, recognized with Economic Dr. and Jeffries Way. (PN Photo)

With Gratitude

Christine Jeffries has served as the president of the Naperville Development Partnership and the Convention & Visitors Bureau since 1997. Having worked in the field of economic development for more than 30 years, she’s now headed for retirement in Florida. But first, she plans to attend the 2024 State of the City Address on May 8.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a degree in Public Administration, Christine has served on transition teams and was president of the Illinois Economic Development Council where she was named Economic Developer of the Year.

For the past 27 years, she’s been responsible for attracting and retaining millions of square feet of development in office, industrial and retail space in Naperville. At times, she seems like a one-woman sales force, focusing on the best of Naperville to help create a city where new residents and employees want to live and work among plenty of can-do spirit and good things to do.

Yet, she’s quick to let folks know it’s the support of her devoted NDP board of directors that makes it happen.

Among her best achievements she lists “right off the bat the creation of TED,” the Transportation, Engineering and Development Business Group with Standard Construction Plan Notes for Development Projects.

Staying the course and bringing in four hotel conference centers also ranks up there with achievements such as new car dealerships, growing the East Ogden corridor with one of the City’s two Costco locations she helped secure and always staying the course to “play to the long game” for what’s best for Naperville.

“If it’s good for Naperville, it has our back 100 percent,” she said, when explaining how the NDP board looks at every plan.

Christine has loved her time in Naperville and while leading the NDP, she’s been known more than a few times to shout, “Shop Naperville!” When she’s promoting the arts at North Central College, she notes, “Think dinner and the show.”

As Christine retires, she’s headed to Florida with her husband, Bill, and to be closer to her daughter’s family. “I’ve got to get down there…Just far enough away from our daughter, but close enough!”

Mostly however, Christine is looking forward to spending lots of spare time with her 9-year-old granddaughter where she’ll inspire cheering for a White Sox World Series win!

History Of The Naperville Development Partnership

Incorporated in 1995, the Naperville Development Partnership (NDP) is a public/private economic development organization that promotes business interests in the City of Naperville. The purpose of the Partnership is to maintain and improve the economic vitality of Naperville, Illinois, through the retention, expansion and attraction of all types of commercial enterprise that are conducive to the maintenance and improvement of a diverse and inclusive quality of life in Naperville The Partnership’s board of directors includes representation from leaders in the business community as well as the City of Naperville, School Districts 203 and 204, Naperville Park District, and the Naperville Public Library.


The NDP seeks to help promote the city of Naperville and its many businesses. Whether you are a business looking to relocate or a new company, they will take the time to show you what Naperville has to offer.

Naperville Convention and Visitors Bureau

The NDP also acts as the Visitors Bureau for the city of Naperville. If you are hosting an event, business conference, or even a wedding, they can help with accommodations and information for guests visiting Naperville. For more info, visit www.Naper.org.

Editor’s Update / This story appeared in the May publication of Positively Naperville. Christine Jeffries last official day as President of the Naperville Development Partnership was Fri., May 3.

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