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Monday, February 6, 2023

Pet Words of Wisdom – A Celebration


dog-patch-webaaaaaDSC_2824As a business owner, I am only as good as the people surrounding me. Together we are the face of the business. We provide the daily interactions that our customers expect. Dog Patch is celebrating our 41st year. My managers and I have not been here the entire time, although some days it feels like it. We all bring different strengths to the table.

Mike, can fix anything in the store. He knows about all the animals and how to care for them. To me, his strength is merchandising. He is responsible for how the store looks.

Maureen is my newest manager, 5 years in, steady and organized. She is great all around, but her strengths are reptiles and inventory control. Gerry has come into his own in many ways. He’s my fish guy. He knows way more than anyone here about fish and is constantly learning more. He’s really good at this.

It is Jenny that you all need to know. Jenny is celebrating her 20th year at Dog Patch. Jenny is the rock. She knows her stuff, A to Z. She is the dog food guru. She excitedly learns about all new foods and can find the perfect food for your dog or cat. Jenny will remember your animal’s name and favorite treat. Jenny is the detail person. Her knowledge and expertise is something to be celebrated. We have great staff developing, ready to take over at a moment’s notice.

We all strive to continue to do all we can to get better every day. I could not come close to running this business without every one of them. I encourage you to come in and help us celebrate Jenny’s 20 years at Dog Patch. They all make me proud.

Greg Gordon
Greg Gordonhttp://dogpatchpets.com
Greg Gordon is the General Manager and Proprietor of Dog Patch Pet & Feed in Naperville. Contact him through the pet store at info@dogpatchpets.com.