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Laundry and dry clean pickup and delivery service rolls into Naperville


Chicagoland’s fastest and most affordable service enters the Naperville area

CD One Price Cleaners has been a staple in Naperville since it opened the doors of two locations on East and West Ogden Ave. to become the chain’s eleventh and thirteen locations in 2004. Since that time, the company’s low prices and fast turnaround have fueled its growth to 40 locations. Now, the brand is taking its focus on convenience one step further by offering laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery to Naperville residents.

Tom Ryan has served as CD One’s VP of Development for over 15 years and told Positively Naperville that, “We’ve always known that many Naperville residents like to visit the store personally, but that there are many others who would appreciate the convenience of a dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery service.”

Aside from the convenience of pickup and delivery, Positively Naperville was surprised by their affordable rates. CD One Dry Clean Delivery charges just $5.99 to have any garment dry cleaned, a huge savings vs traditional cleaners. Laundered and Pressed shirts and blouses are $2.99 and any size blanket or comforter is $29.99.

Laundry subscriptions are also a large portion of the CD One Price Cleaners delivery business, with programs starting at less than $19/week for twice monthly service or $28/week for every week service allowing customers to simply stuff their assigned and bar-coded bag with as much wash and fold laundry, including clothing, sheets, and towels, as they can fit.

Mr. Ryan explained to us that one of the ways that CD One Price Cleaners is able to offer such low prices to customers is due to the design of its pickup and delivery routes.  Ryan said, “we pick-up in Naperville east of Route 59 every Tuesday and bring back the clean wash and fold laundry and dry clean garments the very next day on Wednesdays.”  By visiting each neighborhood once a week, rather than every day, the company is able to be extremely efficient and then pass that value forward to their customers in the form of lower prices than other competitors.

“We’re prepared to service single family homes, apartment buildings and all of the new condo buildings throughout the village,” Ryan said. “As an individually owned small business with deep roots along Ogden Avenue, we look forward to extending our reach to all parts of Naperville.”

CD One Dry Clean Delivery is extending the following special offers to Positively Naperville readers: $20 off the first month of the weekly laundry subscription with promo code LAUNDRY or $10 off + waived service fees on any first one-time order with promo code NAPERVILLE.

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