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Thursday, January 20, 2022

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As I boxed up my Thanksgiving decorations in no particular order, only to discover the same jumble presents itself in the Christmas category, I resolve that all of this must be culled and organized. 

I have good intentions, but as you might suspect, sequestering in the bowels of the mechanics room is not so appealing in the winter months—nor in any month, if I’m being completely honest. But what are resolutions if not grand plans?

2022 could exceed expectations.

The garage was cleaned out last month, and since that’s in a similarly unpleasant category, I have hope. Granted, I hired two men to help me, but if that’s what it takes to find the peace that comes from order, I surrender.

I have been systematically emptying shelves, donating books, and unloading electronics. I have been to the recycling center so often, I know to pull in very slowly so the man working there is not alarmed. Then I wait for his directions.

Catalogs and unread magazines are becoming easier to pitch into our enormous blue home bin. I discovered that leaving the top open makes much more sense than having it closed all week. How much time this saves, I don’t know, but eliminating any step in the process seems to motivate me.

I know this is lame—but without all the distractions of social events that used to populate our calendar, organizational improvements feel like triumphs. But is this really life?

I mulled over things that I might tiptoe back into. Entertaining came to mind, so I decided to host a small holiday dinner party. 

Donning pajamas and cracking my favorite nonalcoholic IPA,  I took a deep dive into our enormous cookbook collection. But what a mess!

Not only did I finally come up with a lovely menu, but I uncovered yet another entry on my to-do list for 2022. Organizing cooking accoutrements!

Now that’s something I can sink me teeth into. (c)

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Patti Koltes
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