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Naperville Park District Hours of Operation for the 2021-22 Winter Holidays


Above – Below / Attractive wildlife along the Naperville Riverwalk welcomes visitors to stroll winding brick paths in the heart of downtown Naperville every day of the year. Simply let the wildlife be wild. Waterfowl and other wildlife along the Riverwalk will find their own food in nature.

Unlike Reindeer eyes that change color from golden in the summer to deep blue during the winter, squirrels have black beady eyes year round. What’s more, chatty, frisky squirrels known to stare at visitors along the Riverwalk are colorblind.

The Naperville Park District announces its hours of operations for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays for the following indoor facilities:

Fort Hill Activity Center (20 Fort Hill Drive)

OPEN                    Dec. 24 (6AM to 12PM)

CLOSED                Dec. 25

OPEN                    Dec. 26-30 with regular hours

OPEN                    Dec. 31 (6AM to 3PM)

OPEN                    Jan. 1 (7AM to 3PM)

Springbrook & Naperbrook Golf Courses  (2220 W. 83rd St. & 22204 W. 111th St.)

Springbrook Golf Course will remain open for play and practice during the stated hours, weather permitting. Naperbrook’s last day of operations for the season will be Dec. 23. The golf online store is available anytime at golfnaperville.org/online-store/.

                CLOSED                Dec. 24-25

                OPEN                    Dec. 26-30 (9AM to -4PM)

                CLOSED                Dec. 31-Jan. 1

Sportsman’s Park Trapshooting Range (735 S. West St.)

                OPEN                    Dec. 23 (6PM to 10PM) and Dec. 26 (12PM to 6PM)

                OPEN                    Dec. 30 (6PM to 10PM) and Jan. 2 (12PM to 6PM)

Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center (305 W. Jackson Avenue)

OPEN                    Dec. 24 (until 12PM for scheduled programs only)
Registration offices are closed on Dec. 24.

CLOSED                Dec. 25-26

OPEN                    Dec. 27-Dec. 30 (8:30AM to 5PM)

CLOSED                Dec. 31-Jan. 2

Knoch Knolls Nature Center (320 Knoch Knolls Rd.)

CLOSED                Dec. 22-Jan. 2

Fort Hill Activity Center is located at 20 Fort Hill Drive, near Quincy.

Save the date! 2022 Community Job Fair, hosted by the Naperville Park District and KidsMatter, runs 10AM to 1PM Sat., Jan. 8, at Fort Hill Activity Center. Free admission.

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