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Naperville Bank & Trust: September Spotlight on Business Success


Business: Midwest Cardiovascular Institute

801 S Washington St. 4th Floor Naperville, IL 60540 (630) 600-0700 midwestcardio.com

“We’ve developed a better way to take care of patients. We couldn’t be more excited to chart new territory in cardiovascular care.”

– Mark Goodwin, M.D. Midwest Cardiovascular Institute

Naperville cardiologist Mark Goodwin, M.D. and Elmhurst cardiologist John Cahill M.D. envisioned a more personalized approach to medical care. They helped form a team of more than 20 cardiologists who share four major values: patients’ first, clinical excellence, communication, and compassion. Once the dust settles on the transition to their new practice, Midwest Cardiovascular Institute patients can expect to reach a live person when they call, get an appointment quickly and benefit from one of the leading cardiology research centers in Chicagoland. Dr. Goodwin likens this ability to be nimble and responsive to the experience of banking with Naperville Bank & Trust.

“We’ve developed systems and approaches that combat the inertia of some bigger organizations,” he says. “We’re going to care for you like family, your questions will be answered, we will find the solutions you need, we will make you better and you will know you have been very well cared for.”

That’s just the way Naperville Bank & Trust cares for customers – with compassionate personal attention, answers to your questions and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Spotlight on Business Success is sponsored by Naperville Bank & Trust, serving Naperville with three locations, 555 Fort Hill Dr., 1205 S. Naper Blvd. and 5 S. Washington in the historic downtown post office. For more info, visit www.banknaperville.com.
PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
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