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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Are You a Face of Compassion?


Above / The Faces of Compassion Wall, now in progress, will become an expansive work of art inside the soon-to-open food processing hub for Loaves & Fishes. (Image courtesy L&F)

Compassion is what drives most of the engagement with Loaves & Fishes. The word is defined as a deep awareness of others’ distress, together with a desire to alleviate it. Kind people who can see how difficult things are for others and want to be part of a solution are vital to Loaves & Fishes. And now, we’re inviting the community to formalize it through our Faces of Compassion Wall.

You may remember our Building Blocks, which happily, are all sold out.

The Faces of Compassion Wall provides another great opportunity to help support our Building for Lasting Impact Initiative. This initiative will make it possible for us to serve nearly three times the number of families in need, expand our geographic service area, increase the amount of healthy food offered, and provide several ways for clients to receive food. The cornerstone of the project is the acquisition of an additional building that will serve as our food processing hub. Key elements of the building are the large refrigerators and freezers making it possible to receive and serve more healthy food. Construction continues as we make the changes necessary for the building to open this fall.

During a recent tour of the spacious new facility, Executive Vice President Advancement Nancy Wiersum mapped out the space imagined for the Faces of Compassion Wall, a collage that will showcase kindness and generosity. (PN Photo)

To support this project, we are inviting the community to be part of our Faces of Compassion Wall in the new building. Donors who contribute $250 or more are invited to submit a photo(s) that will be part of the Faces of Compassion photo collage wall. The photo could be yours, that of your spouse, child, or another special relative, and together they will result in an expansive piece of artwork that reflects our mission and celebrates those who make it possible.

The Faces of Compassion Wall will serve as a testament to the kind and generous people who are making the Building for Lasting Impact Initiative come to life. We are forever grateful.  


Click here for more information about Loaves & Fishes Community Services, including a history of its growth since 1984.

Nancy Wiersum
Nancy Wiersumhttp://www.loaves-fishes.org/
Nancy Wiersum is Vice President of Advancement at Loaves & Fishes Community Services and can be contacted at nwiersum@loaves-fishes.org. Visit www.loaves-fishes.org for more information.