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Naperville Municipal Band is set to celebrate ‘Russ Bigelow Night’ at 7:30PM July 22


Above / On Thurs., July 22, Naperville Municipal Band Conductor Ron Keller will lead “Russ Bigelow Night” during the Thursday evening concert in Central Park. See program below. 

Under the leadership of Conductor and Music Director Ron Keller since 1966, the Naperville Municipal Band continues to perform its 11-week summer concert season at 7:30PM on Thursdays in Central Park through Aug. 19. Assistant Conductors are René Rosas and Emily Binder. Emcee Ann Lord will narrate the show. All concerts are free of charge and open to the public.

This week’s program is a tribute to Russ Bigelow for his first 50 years with the band. Bigelow and his trombone joined the band in 1971. At right, Bigelow is pictured in A History of the Naperville Municipal Band by Ronald Keller and Julie Phend, published in 2008 to commemorate the band’s 150th anniversary. Other milestone moments will be recognized on July 22, too.

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The Naperville Municipal Band was established in 1859. With the Community Concert Center in Naperville’s Central Park as its home base, the band has entertained thousands of listeners most summers during its free weekly outdoor concerts.

Typically every Thursday during the 2021 season, the program is posted on the Naperville Municipal Band website, www.napervilleband.org.

Central Park is the home of the Naperville Community Concert Center, the building with the huge stage door featuring the Century Walk mural titled “The Great Concerto.” Park benches await audiences! Stage door goes up at 7:30PM.

7:30PM July 15 – Ron Keller is conducting!

Theme Song & Star Spangled Banner / arr. Ron Keller
Illinois Loyalty / T.H. Guild
Festive Overture / Dmitri Shostakovich (arr. Donald Hunsberger)
Highlights from the Music Man / Meredith Willson (arr. Philip J. Lang)
Lassus Trombone / Henry Fillmore
Sleigh Ride / Leroy Anderson
Illinois March / Edwin Franko Goldman
Awards & Stories / Happy 50th to Russ Bigelow & his Trombone!
Americans We (March) / Henry Fillmore
John Williams in Concert / John Williams (arr. Paul Lavender)
A Tribute to Artie Shaw / arr. James Christensen
Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite / Karl L. King
His Honor (March) / Henry Fillmore

Folks begin arriving about 7PM to mix and mingle

Benches are set. Concert-goers are welcomed to bring blankets and collapsible chairs to watch from other locations throughout Central Park.

Concert themes are subject to change without notice. For now, here’s the schedule for the remainder of the summer.

July 29 – “Rhythm of the Winds” / Ron Keller conducting
August 5 – “Naperville is 190!”
August 12 – “So Long for a While”
August 19 – “Joint Jazz Bands” with the NMB Big Band led by Conductor Tracy Oliver

Central Park is located located in the heart of downtown at 104 E. Benton Avenue​. Some folks say Central Park is behind Quigley’s Irish Pub and US Bank. Others say it’s behind the old Nichols Library and the YMCA building.

Every week a different nonprofit organization provides treats for a Bake Sale in the Gazebo. For July 22, the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation returns to host the Bake Sale. Every January, groups are invited to apply to be included in a lottery for one of the 11 weeks of the summer concert season. Watch for a notice on the NMB website. (PN File Photo)

Create a special evening in downtown Naperville on Thursday evenings. Head out a little early and enjoy dinner at one of downtown’s many eateries. Or place a to-go order for a picnic in Central Park. Also remember to bring pocket change to purchase a home-baked treat in support of the Bake Sale in the Gazebo.

Click here for directory listing of downtown eateries.

Emcee Ann Lord, at left, provides enlightening narrative during every band concert, including expressions of gratitude to the audience on behalf of the band.

One more thing… Even with cloud cover and threats of rain, Naperville Municipal Band concerts have been attracting appreciative audiences on park benches and collapsible chairs spread throughout Central Park every Thursday. At the end of the concert on July 15, Assistant Conductor René Rosas and the Naperville Municipal Band stood to express gratitude to all who attend the 11-week summer concert series.









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