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Turning Pointe gets creative with Variety Show


Spring is on the horizon and everyone at Turning Pointe is busy getting creative.

Whether it’s singing, acting or doing standup routines, our friends with autism are preparing to wow the crowds with their talent. Benjamin Weiss, a student and avid actor at North Central College, recently came to Turning Pointe with the idea of collaborating on a unique Variety Show in honor of Autism Awareness Month in April. Benjamin is an advocate for the theater and for individuals with autism and we are extremely excited to be involved in such a great project with him. I have personally seen Benjamin perform and look forward to seeing his vision come to life in the theater. It’s going to be one heck of a show!

“Ben wanted a way to give artists with autism their own forum as he said ‘because we need to support our friends with autism,’ and we Turning Pointe couldn’t agree with him more.” said Carrie Porvenzale, Executive Director of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation.

We see every day the vast creativity and talents of our students who don’t always have an outlet to shine or connect with other artists in our community. Our team at TP wanted to create a bridge for those aware of autism, but who are still unsure how to connect directly with some really talented individuals. Our spring variety show will help to build that bridge and we couldn’t be more excited! “Our goal is to highlight and celebrate the amazing talents and abilities of artists, musicians, actors and performers in our community that live with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

Plan to join in the fun and bring some friends, you won’t be disappointed. The Turning Pointe Community Theater Autism Awareness Variety show will be held Wednesday, April 8, 2020, in partnership with Center Stage Productions.

Center Stage Productions was founded by Kandiss Hernandez and is home to Kidz Kabaret and Center Stage Player productions. “Center Stage Theater is committed to serving as an affordable venue for the entire community.”

For more information or to inquire about sponsorships visit www.turningpointeaf.org.

The show has been postponed until further notice. Check back for updates.

Kim Wolf
Kim Wolf
Kim Wolf is co-founder of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation.