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Photo Gallery: Naperville Municipal Band Concert 6/27/2019


The Naperville Municpal Band performed Thurs., June 27, with a reenactment featuring costumed soldiers depicting Civil War heroes who set off 16 memorable cannon shots as the Band performed the 1812 Overture.

“Prelude to a Celebration” presented concert goers into the Independence Day spirit, according to Naperville Municipal Band Conductor and Music Director Ron Keller.

“The show included slices of Americana: St. Louis Blues, Over the Rainbow, the Music Man and The Blue and The Gray (a nod to our Civil War re-enactors firing the cannons), to name a few,” added Assistant NMB Director Emily Binder.  “Overture to 1812 and Hail America March finished the show with help from the cannons and local church bells.”

Remember! Next week, July 4, the Thursday evening concert in Central Park will begin at 6PM. That way, band fans will have time to get to their favorite place to watch the Independence Day Fireworks, set off in Naperville along West Street.



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PN Ombudsman
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