As a Veteran, in 2019 there are several resolutions you should make. The first one is that you should sign up for VA Healthcare. The second one is if you file a claim for VA Benefits/Compensation, make sure you go through an accredited Veteran Service Officer. The third one is make sure your family knows where your DD-214 or Discharge papers are kept. Make sure they have easy access to your military records.

Common myths about VA healthcare

I’m not eligible, I was turned down, I make too much money. If you were denied healthcare due to income or assets, you should reapply every 12 months. You can request an exception based on a recent change in income or unusual family medical expenses.

When declaring assets make sure you deduct all medical expenses to include Medicare premiums, supplemental health insurance premiums, over the counter drugs, prescription drugs medical supplies and mileage driven for medical appointments.

I already have health insurance; it would affect my current health care coverage. If you are eligible for VA Healthcare, other health insurance is not an issue. Treatment by the VA will have no effect on current healthcare coverage.

I was never in a combat zone, my condition is not combat related. Service connection for a disability may be an issue for Benefits/Compensation, but not for healthcare. If you are eligible for VA Healthcare, you can be treated.

I don’t need it. If you don’t need VA Healthcare that is fine, it is your option to apply or not. Bear in mind the VA budget is based on numbers. The more veterans registered, the more funds to treat veterans. You are helping all veterans. GET IN THE SYSTEM!

How do I register? You can go to the nearest VA facility, outpatient clinic or you can come to the Naperville VFW the first Tuesday of every month between 9AM and 1:30PM. The Hines Community Outpatient Team is there to help you apply. You must have a copy of your DD-214 or Discharge papers, proof of household income, and your out of pocket medical expenses for the previous year.