Last spring I was telling Stephanie Penick, the publisher of Positively Naperville, some stories about the challenges we faced when our sons were on active duty. Stephanie asked if I would consider writing an article for the paper to tell some of my stories. She felt that very few families actually know someone who is serving in the military and personal stories might help people get a better appreciation of the sacrifices that are being made by our service personnel and their families.

I’ve lived in Naperville for 45 years and one of the hallmarks of this town has been the willingness of its citizens to go the extra step to help a neighbor.

I’m hoping that veterans and their families will send me stories that tell of ways that they were supported while someone in their family was in the service.

My grandson was in kindergarten at Meadow Glens when his dad was deployed. Daniel really enjoyed listening to the mystery readers that his teacher, Mrs. Teeling, would invite to their classroom. He never dreamed that his dad would be a mystery reader because he was half a world away. But Mrs. Teeling arranged for Daniel’s daddy to Skype and read a story about Curious George.

The miles melted away and a special memory was created. And a little boy felt a little closer to a faraway dad. (Thank you, Mrs. Teeling.)

Please let me know if you have any special memories of people helping you or your family while someone was deployed. I will try to put those memories in these stories. Your experience might help others find ways to assist and support the families of those men and women who have volunteered to serve in the military.

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