Public Works crews have been working overnight and this morning on snow removal efforts. Roads are currently slick due to the ongoing snowfall. The City’s 22 trucks have made several passes of the main roadways and 37 contractor trucks began helping in neighborhoods this morning.

Over 3 inches of snow has fallen and more is expected. Please remember that the roadways in Naperville will be slushy and snow covered, and neighborhood streets will have packed snow on them. If you do not need to travel today, the City encourages you to stay off the roadways. If you must be out, please exercise extreme caution while driving.

To allow our snow plows to more effectively and efficiently perform snow removal operations throughout this storm, please refrain from parking vehicles on city streets. 

Driving Safety

  • Extreme caution should be used while driving during this winter weather event. We encourage you to stay off the roads if possible.
  • If you must drive, please be mindful around plows. Do not tailgate or stop too close, as plows make frequent stops and create clouds of snow, which can reduce driver visibility. You should keep at least four to five car lengths between you and a snow plow. Do not pass plows.

Parking Reminders

  • To help crews remove snow more efficiently, please do not park on streets. Cars parked on streets create obstacles for plows and lead to snow and ice piles.

Other Reminders

  • Please use caution when shoveling snow. Push snow rather than lifting it. If you do have to lift it, use a snall shovel or only partially fill the shovel. Remember to lift with your legs and not your back.
  • When clearing your driveway, do not shovel snow into the street. This creates a hazard for drivers and pedestrians. Place it in your yard or the parkway.
  • Please clear snow from around fire hydrants. A clear path to a hydrant makes it easily accessible for public safety crews in an emergency.
  • Clear snow from around your outdoor vents. With blowing and drifting snow predicted, this helps keep you and your family safe.
  • Check on elderly neighbors and those who may need help. Consider helping them shovel their driveways and sidewalks if you know they may need assistance.
  • Plan to clear your sidewalks of snow and ice within 48 hours after snowfall ends. This is a City code requirement. It also keeps these paths clear for pedestrians and children walking to school.
  • Do not drain your sump pump onto the street. Doing so creates icy hazards.

Future Communications

Updates on Naperville’s response to the storm will be provided through the following channels:

Future communications will be issued at 5PM on Saturday, Jan. 19 and 10AM on Sunday, Jan. 20.