Thank you to all of our loyal customers for a great 2018! We have been through many changes over the last year. Thank you for your patience as we bring ourselves current and a bit more streamlined. Hopefully any changes you see are for the better. 

Our adoption numbers slowed in 2018 for the first time in 8 years. As we took and continue to take on more of the most difficult animals for adoption, this decrease was expected. The randomness of animal health and care can keep a rescue on its heels at times. We learn from everything we do. I expect great numbers in the coming year. By the way, in 2018 numbers were 325 dogs and over 50 cats/kittens. Very respectable numbers. Many thanks to Elanna Bradley and Puppyrescue911. 

We’re enthusiastic about some new opportunities we’ll be offering in the coming year. Our Kid’s Club will begin to grow with monthly activities. Our newsletter is coming along nicely, always featuring a coupon for a great deal at the store. Our Service Monday (current and former military, police, firefighters, first responders, teachers, nurses) all receive 10 percent off on all purchases every Monday. Senior Tuesday entitles anyone 60 years old and over to a 10 percent discount on all purchases every Tuesday. 

Again, I want to personally thank you for your support from year to year. Locally-owned-and-operated small businesses are the strength of any community. I’m proud to be part of Naperville’s business community. Shop local, adopt don’t shop, and remember that your money spent at Dog Patch supports our rescue and our community. All of us at Dog Patch look forward to serving you in 2019.