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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Growing Sustainably


Turning Pointe’s organizational resolution this year is to build new learning suites. Four. Four new ideal learning environments for up to 32 additional students. With a growing number of both students impacted by autism and families seeking the best practice approach to education utilized at Turning Pointe, this is the year to build.

Each new learning suite includes a classroom, a calm room and an intake space for assessments. Each new learning suite will be the work space for new clinicians, special education teachers and our interventionists. It will be a place of learning and growth. Students will work to improve communication, socially appropriate behaviors and independence. Specialists will work to maximize outcomes in a nurturing, clinically rich environment.

At our founding, Turning Pointe resolved to grow slowly and sustainably. We expand only when the need persists and resources secured to provide every student a trained inter-disciplinary team of specialists to provide their programming. This project has been long considered and is our biggest construction project to date. It is exciting to see this project begin as the fulfillment of a dream wished and worked for over many years. Founders, Board Members, families and students all engaged in building a vibrant center meeting the needs of our loved ones and friends living with autism.

With this project comes our hope that our community will continue to rally around our work. After all, our hardworking students are WHY we exist, but you are the HOW. Your continued caring, sharing, and prayers sustain our work every day. Therefore, on behalf of the Turning Pointe, may the new year bring you all closer to your dreams and resolutions as well!

Carrie Provenzale
Carrie Provenzalehttp://www.turningpointeautismfoundation.org
Carrie Provenzale is the Executive Director of Turning Pointe Autism Foundation. Previously, she served as a consultant and member of the Turning Pointe Board of Directors. She also has 20 years of experience with local and regional nonprofits.