The City and Groot anticipate continuing leaf collection on December 6. The interactive map at has been updated, with areas crews anticipate working in.

Please note that the areas on the map labeled 11A and 13A were started Wednesday; however, only a portion was completed. Crews anticipate completing these areas tomorrow.

What to Expect

As a reminder, this third collection cycle is highly dependent on weather and, more specifically, snowfall. The same city employees picking up leaves are responsible for snow removal and salting efforts. As the safety of the City’s roadways is our top priority, should snowfall or icing be forecast, bulk leaf collection would be suspended until the next period of moderate weather.

Both the City and Groot are committed to working together during periods of moderate weather to continue and complete the third cycle. Please note, depending on this winter’s weather, this may take into the early months of 2019 to complete.

How to Assist

We ask residents to please move leaves into the street to make this collection as efficient as possible. City staff will attempt to move larger piles of leaves located in the parkway, but cannot guarantee full removal without damaging parkway landscaping.

Remember always to help keep storm drains free from leaves, snow and ice to help prevent flooding. Many property owners have storm drains along the curb and in their back yards. All assistance from residents is appreciated.