Above / The absence of snow along the curb is evidence that this photo is obviously from PN files.

As of November 30, the City anticipates being able to resume the third cycle of bulk curbside leaf collection on Monday, December 3. An updated interactive map is now live at www.naperville.il.us/leafcollection that outlines which areas of the city have yet to receive their third cycle of pickup.

Once collection resumes, this map will be updated by 8AM each morning that collection takes place. The map will be updated for a second time by 4PM each day showing what areas crews anticipate working in the next day.

What to Expect

The City has partnered with its new waste hauler, Groot Industries, to continue this third cycle. Groot is providing a few trucks for this effort; however, city crews will be performing the actual leaf pick-up. This has resulted in a change in how the bulk collection operates. Crews will be testing the new operation process Monday and refining it as needed, resulting in a smaller pickup area initially.

As a reminder, this third collection cycle is highly dependent on weather and, more specifically, snowfall. The same city employees picking up leaves are responsible for snow removal and salting efforts. As the safety of the City’s roadways is our top priority, should snowfall or icing be forecast, bulk leaf collection would be suspended until the next period of moderate weather.

Both the City and Groot are committed to working together during periods of moderate weather to continue and complete the third cycle. Please note, depending on this winter’s weather, this may take into the early months of 2019 to complete.

How to Assist

Weather forecasts continue to indicate above-freezing temperatures and forecasted rain this weekend will melt the existing snowpack. We ask residents to please move leaves into the street to make this collection as efficient as possible. City staff will attempt to move larger piles of leaves located in the parkway, but cannot guarantee full removal without damaging parkway landscaping.

Help keep storm drains clear of leaves and ice so melting snow has some place to go without creating flooding.

Future Communications

The City will communicate updates on leaf collection through a Naper Notify message, an update on the Leaf Collection page of the City’s website, and an update on the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.