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Commemorative brick sales serve to raise funds for Naperville Jaycees Park along the Riverwalk


Above / Members of the Naperville Jaycees met on Nov. 14 at the Jaycees Park construction site to prepare for the launch of the commemorative brick paver fundraiser that will benefit the new amenity along the Riverwalk. Step by step, Jaycees President Matt Dingeldein, at left, volunteered to lead the way for the latest fundraiser, working with Karen Coleman, James Groat and Kelly Beyer to get the project moving in time for holiday orders. Bricks ordered now will be presented in place when the Jaycees Park is dedicated in the spring of 2019.

Update, Dec. 27, 2023 / Commemorative bricks are $275 each (Two for $500 or three for $600) for Jaycees Park now are available for purchase at www.naperjaycees.org/about/naperville-jaycees-park/naperville-jaycees-commemorative-paver-program/.

Update, Sept. 2, 2019 / Commemorative bricks are being sold for $275 each and this Labor Day weekend, with the help of Jaycees Past President Matt Dingeldein, the first batch is being installed at the Jaycees Park!

Create a message for a special brick to help tell a story in Jaycees Park.
After the Jaycees Last Fling Labor Day Parade, folks enjoyed discovering the Jaycees Park for the first time.

Update, Dec. 24, 2018 / Brick pavers have sold by the dozen, according to Jaycees President Matt Dingeldein, in a recent progress report. For complete details and/or to purchase a $200 commemorative 5 x 10 brick for the Jaycees Park with your personal message, online sales are now in progress around the clock. Bricks with four-line messages of 16 characters per line also can be ordered by mail. On April 1, 2019, the price goes up to $275.

Original Post, Nov. 29, 2018 / The Naperville Jaycees Park commemorative brick paver program has been launched in time for holiday giving.

The newest brick paver program along the Riverwalk will be administered by the Naperville Jaycees under advisement of the Naperville Riverwalk Foundation, offering an opportunity for folks to purchase a legacy gift to accent community spirit along the DuPage River where the new Jaycees Park is now under construction.

“The Jaycees are thrilled to share this project with the Naperville community,” emailed Jaycees President Matt Dingeldein. “How fortunate we are to be able to leave a lasting impression on the landscape, a manifestation of a legacy of innovation and diligence that citizens will enjoy for generations to come. For many of us this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, one for which we are profoundly grateful.”

One thousand brick pavers will be available to honor friends, remember loved ones and mark milestones, organizers noted during the meeting with Riverwalk devotees, including Riverwalk Administrator Jan Erickson, who have managed the commemorative brick paver sales over the years. The first commemorative brick paver fundraiser was established in 1996 for the Riverwalk 2000 Campaign. Riverwalk 2000, led by Co-chairmen Ed Channell and Glen Ekey, extended the Riverwalk from Washington Street Bridge to the Hillside Road Bridge.

On Nov. 11, 2018, the Jaycees Park along the Riverwalk was taking shape prior to a break in the action and early snowfall as construction season began to wrap up for the year. The park is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019.

The smart park concept now under construction near the Naperville Municipal Center initially was introduced in 2017 as a place for individuals looking for flexible work space to be able to come together in an area located near Naperville’s downtown. Thanks to commitments of nearly $400,000 in private donations from the community, enough funds have been received and pledged to construct this unique amenity along the Riverwalk. The Naperville Jaycees are the lead donor and namesake of the park.

The commemorative brick paver program gives all residents an opportunity to participate in the Jaycees Park, sure to be an attraction at its location between the Naperville Municipal Center and Naperville Township offices, just south of the Riverwalk Covered Bridge at Webster Street, and west of Water Street.

Special Introductory $200 Brick Paver now through March 31, 2019

A discounted introductory price of $200 per brick will be available through March 31, 2019.  In addition to Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, folks might consider creating a special message for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or even April Fool’s Day.

Note that beginning April 1, 2019, and forward, pricing will be $275 per brick.

Every 5-inch by 10-inch commemorative brick paver offers space for a 4-line message with 16 characters per line. Letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces are all considered characters.

For complete details about the Jaycees Park commemorative brick program and/or to place an order online, visit www.naperjaycees.org.

To place an order by USPS, phone or email, contact Andrea Durren, Naperville Jaycees Administrator, P.O. Box 22, Naperville, IL 60566-0022 or (630) 961-9375 or jcinfo@naperjaycees.org.

Private donations to underwrite this Riverwalk project have been handled by the Naperville Riverwalk Foundation. In October, 165 solar panels were installed on the roof of the Municipal Center to produce energy to power the Naperville Jaycees Park. The use of solar energy will generate $7,000 in annual savings to help cover maintenance of the park.

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Updated Dec. 27, 2023

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