“Donate a Car, Transform a Life” is the tagline of the Loaves & Fishes car donation program.

The lack of affordable, convenient public transportation in DuPage County restricts a family’s ability to maintain employment and meet their essential needs. Our car program provides critical transportation to families who need a vehicle to get to work by receiving vehicles donated by members of the community, repairing them and giving them to individuals who have been carefully discerned and placed on our car wait list.

Two recent car recipients had to rely on friends, rent cars, or use a taxi to get to work. The lack of reliable transportation also made it more challenging for these moms to care for their children. Receiving a car was so transformative that each of these moms surprised their children by picking them up at school in their new car.

We rely on car donations from the community, but currently there is a great deal of competition for the type of cars that we provide to families in need of transportation. Not every car donation program is the same. While many organizations sell vehicles and use the revenue to support their operations, the Loaves & Fishes car program is one of the few programs that repair vehicles and gives them to families that lack reliable transportation to maintain employment. Loaves & Fishes does sell vehicles that are too old or expensive to repair, but then we use those funds to repair other vehicles which can be made safe and drivable. Our dedicated, compassionate car program volunteers are available to accept all car donations and prepared to give them to individuals who work hard to be self-sufficient and care for the needs of their family.