By Bernie Slupik
For Lizzy’s Fund

Recently, at an event that Lizzy’s Fund attended, we were asked, “Does your organization really make a difference in an old dog’s life?” We certainly do. Continue reading one of the Lizzy’s Fund dog stories…

One little dog. One would think that one little dog is not a big deal, but for that one little dog, her world was turned upside down one August day in 2015. Abandoned from a car in Bolingbrook, she was picked up and taken to the local animal shelter. With injuries beyond sad, this little dog was alone, afraid, and unable to walk as her hind legs were significantly damaged either from the way in which she was abandoned or possibly from abuse suffered at the hands of her former owner.

Sadly, this one little dog sat at the shelter for some weeks as a significant heart murmur not to mention the prohibitive cost did not allow for even the consideration of repairing her legs. Transferred to a different shelter and now named Mabel, she was taken in by a loving foster family. Here is where Lizzy’s Fund stepped in. Lizzy’s Fund is an IRS authorized charity that finances the care of senior dogs in rescue and shelter environments. Not wanting to give up on ANY senior dog, Lizzy’s Fund paid for significant veterinary, dental, and initial chiropractic care for little Mabel to get her healthy and hopefully adoptable.

Mabel’s foster family became so attached to her that they decided to join the ranks of “failed fosters.” They adopted her and will love her the rest of whatever days she has remaining. With continued chiropractic care generously donated by Mabel’s chiropractic doctor and dedication by her foster family, we are happy to report that Mabel is thriving!

Fast forward three years … Mabel is not only walking, she is running, chasing rabbits, and thoroughly enjoying her life with her loving family. You can help other senior dogs like Mabel. Please visit Lizzy’s Fund at Currently, Lizzy’s Fund has a 100 percent matching fund drive (through November 27, 2018) going on. Your kind donation will be doubled to help even more senior dogs in our area.