Above / Known to “Ink the Impossible,” Blooming Color entered the Naperville Riverwalk Duck Race last August to showcase its artistic talents and creative strength that serve the community with the latest in printing capability. (PN File Photo)

Blooming Color President Brian Scott is sure to inform clients about the amazing advances in printers since the days of Johannes Gutenberg and Ben Franklin. (Photo courtesy Rosemarie Breske Garvey)

Blooming Color has once again passed the pinnacle of print with the acquisition and installation of its new HP Indigo 12000 Digital Offset Press, further expanding the incredible Indigo offerings of their commercial plant in Lombard, Illinois.  With a full suite of world-class presses – from their HP Indigo 7500, HP Indigo 7800, and HP Indigo 10000, to the newly installed HP Indigo 12000 – Blooming Color declares a new era of elite, commercial printing capability.

Long renowned in the highly competitive Chicago print market for their craft and dedication to clients, the addition of a fourth HP Indigo press reaffirms Blooming Color as a top-tier company. The HP Indigo 12000 boasts a plethora of unprecedented print solutions: the ability to provide short run large-size projects; more efficient and targeted direct mail campaigns; and unique substrates for truly out-of-the box solutions to print marketing.  In addition, the variable data capabilities of the powerful HP Indigo 12000 Digital Offset Press allows clients to market on a larger scale to an audience of one, with the most dazzling image and color quality in digital print.

“With the addition of this press,” noted Blooming Color President Brian Scott, “we’re able to overcome the ordinary for our clients like never before. We are taking on larger projects, specifically in the variable and highly-targeted direct mail arena.” 

Scott adds, “The new press is equipped with seven-color printing, allowing us to take advantage of a wider color gamut to deliver premium pieces with deeper and richer images.  Our customer base will now enjoy faster turn times and the peace of mind that redundancy provides. We’re excited to continue inking the impossible with the addition of this press.”

Enter the world of Blooming Color for all commercial and special printing projects. (PN File Photo)

Blooming Color, Inc.

Blooming Color, Inc. is a world-class commercial printing facility located in Lombard, Illinois. A leading printer for over 30 years, they know that when you have ideas, ink, and ingenuity, nothing is impossible. Through the decades, Blooming Color has expanded and grown with technology to become a leader in commercial printing – not only in the Chicagoland area, but across the globe. Blooming Color delivers the best-in-class quality services to clients across a variety of printing disciplines – from conventional and wide format capabilities, to exceptional HP Indigo digital offset printing and web-to-print services.

For more information, visit www.bloomingcolor.com or call (630) 705-9200.

Submitted by JR Kinney, Account Executive for MACLYN Group.

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